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    25 Rom-Com Tropes That Literally Never Happen To A Single Soul In Real Life

    When will someone break out in song for me in the middle of Target like in the movies?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some things that constantly happen in rom-coms but almost never happen in real life and they delivered! Here are the best responses.

    1. "When the girl is weird or nerdy just 'cause she wears glasses. Then, the guy falls in love with her after she takes them off and puts on a dress."

    Miramax Films/Tapestry Films

    "Just shallow."


    2. "Graceful, elegant, clean, perfect sex with no foreplay."

    Paramount Pictures

    "Where it takes just a few shimmies for the girl to get off. Life isn't a '90s music video. Sex has awkward positions, partners talking, and body fluids going everywhere."


    3. "The whole kissing in pouring down rain trope that you see as the music swells and the couple was just talking passionately to each other."

    New Line Cinema / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "No one likes to kiss in the rain as you get soaking wet, your noses are running on each other's faces and your phones are ruined!"


    4. "Elaborate and climactic public declarations of love."

    Buena Vista Pictures / Touchstone Pictures

    "Let’s be honest, if you witnessed this in reality you’d probably cringe with second-hand embarrassment and struggle to suppress a titter. And if you were the RECIPIENT of said declaration you’d likely turn white with sheer mortification!"


    5. "All of the characters are usually journalists, architects, or owners of some quirky shop."

    Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing / Paramount Pictures /Universal Pictures

    "Like no other jobs exist."


    6. "Confusing 'never giving up' with actual harassment."

    Universal / Courtesy Everett Collection

    "I.e. when someone asks a person out every day for a year until they finally said yes."


    7. "When a famous person falls in love with a non-famous person."

    Universal Pictures/PolyGram Filmed Entertainment


    8. "The whole 'meet-cute on the way to work' thing."

    Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

    "If I’m running late and bump into someone who proceeds to spill their coffee on my top, I’m not going to look into their eyes and think to myself, 'Damn, they're cute as hell.' I’m just going to be pissed off for the rest of the day and probably say something like, 'Dammit!'”


    9. "When a girl has a guy best friend and she must be blind because he loves her but she prefers some other doofus."


    "Like, should she give him a medal and give him her whole heart because he's a 'good guy?' I've only ever seen the puppy-eyed guy friend in the movies."


    10. "When a character, who is a pretty bad person, makes a big romantic gesture to say sorry to someone and then all of a sudden they're in love."

    Paramount Pictures

    11. "When an average girl ends up meeting and falling in love with a prince of an unknown, foreign country and then they get married."

    Paramount Pictures/Lions Gate Films

    12. "When there's a huge misunderstanding that causes an immediate breakup with no questions or explanations."


    "In real life, if something bad is going down, you're going to ask every single question and want every detail straightened out before coming to a dramatic conclusion."


    13. "The entire school caring about the love lives of a few students."

    Fox 2000 Pictures

    "When I was in high school, I probably couldn’t have named everyone in my grade, much less told you everything going on in their lives."


    14. "The girl being super unpopular/nerdy and the handsome, popular guy dating her."


    "Speaking from experience, that doesn't happen."


    15. "Falling in love with your best friend and there being no complications or awkward moments."

    Sony Pictures Distributing/Columbia Pictures

    "Does not happen as much as Hollywood wants you to think."


    16. "Running through an airport."

    Universal Pictures/StudioCanal

    "You would definitely get stopped and have to go through security."


    17. "Showing up unannounced to someone's workplace for a huge romantic gesture."

    Paramount Pictures

    "Especially if they’ve never been there before or met any of the coworkers??Just embarrassing and disruptive."


    18. "When the main characters have just met and plan to go on a date without actually setting a time, place, or asking where to pick each other up."

    New Line Cinema/ Gran Via

    19. "When one main character is about to get married and they call off the wedding the day before or the day of."

    Buena Vista Pictures/Touchstone Pictures

    "I always feel bad for the original person and everyone who showed up and spent money. Weddings are expensive."


    20. "The backstabbing best friend who couldn't help herself from falling in love with your significant other."

    Warner Bros./Alcon Entertainment

    "And then they make the protagonist an 'evil' person to justify their 'true love.' That wouldn’t happen that way in real life. True friends wouldn’t go there and if it did happen, it wouldn't be okay."


    21. "Whenever people hook up and we see them take their clothes off and there are no lines on their body."

    Sony Pictures Releasing/ Screen Gems

    "Like, no indentations from a bra or from tight jeans — just totally smooth skin. It's something I notice whenever I watch a romance movie."


    22. "When they fake date in hopes of their ex seeing it so they can get back together."



    23. "When the main character always has a mentor of some sort."

    Columbia Pictures/ Sony Pictures Releasing

    "It's not like there's that one person we know that will give us all the right advice or listen to our problems. A lot of the time, we're left to make life decisions on our own, and that's where the initial struggle comes from in the first place!"


    24. "Almost every rom-com has a character that owns a bakery but somehow they always have clean clothes."

    Universal Pictures/ Relativity Media

    "Except for the flour on the cheek...also unrealistic. And how does she have time to be walking around holding a coffee with two hands??"


    25. And "Leaving your fiancé for a new or old crush."

    New Line Cinema/ Tapestry Films

    "It's so hard to break up from any long-term relationship, I don't believe people can just easily move on from an actual engagement!"


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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