15 Unpopular Dating Opinions That May Potentially Be The Reason Behind Your Next Argument With Your S.O.

    "Sex, while you're dating, is a horrible idea."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to spill their super-unpopular dating opinions, and consider the tea SPILLED! Here are the most surprising responses.

    Important note: I, Salimah McCullough, do not necessarily endorse these opinions!

    1. "Unless it's a special occasion or somebody's birthday, the cost of dates should always be split evenly — regardless of who asked who out."


    2. "I want to be exclusive very early on in the relationship (after one to two dates)."

    A woman asking a man "Are we exclusive"

    3. "Falling out of love isn't a real thing."

    "Love is a choice you make every day, and if you keep choosing each other (which you should, barring abuse or other extreme circumstances), you'll have a marriage that'll last a lifetime."


    4. "Hookups and casual dating are a waste of time, energy, and mental capacity."

    5. "Sex is too emphasized when it comes to relationships."

    "Having sex early on in the relationship (if you're dating to be in a relationship) is like jumping several chapters ahead in a book. People miss out on a lot when they're so focused on sex. I'm very sex-positive, but I'm also abstinent, which makes dating difficult. I've told dudes from the beginning, and they all acted as if they were OK with it when they weren't, and it's very disrespectful because they could've walked away right then instead of trying to pressure me and getting nowhere."


    6. "Texting someone all day, every day, and apologizing when I don't reply because I'm working is super annoying."

    man hand holding phone with app messenger on the screen in room of the house

    7. "You should ask if they want kids by the third date."

    "If your answers don’t match up, quit now before someone gets emotionally invested."


    8. "Sex, while you're dating, is a horrible idea."

    9. "It's perfectly valid to end it with someone if your needs aren't being met physically."

    "It’s not wrong to want or expect sex from your partner, as long as that’s something you both value. There’s nothing inherently wrong with valuing sex."


    10. "Online dating kind of ruined the idea of getting to know someone as friends first when it comes to dating."

    Woman looking at man on an online dating app on her mobile phone.

    11. "The 'talking' stage is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of."

    "If you like someone and know you want to be in a relationship with them, why do you have to spend forever 'talking' first? You're not going to talk to any other person who might express an interest in you. So just date."


    12. "People seem to think that being in a relationship means you have to be codependent, but I think that's the death of many relationships."

    "I think it’s imperative to be individuals in a relationship. Spend time apart, have your own interests, and have your own friends."


    13. "Have sex within the first two dates."

    Carrie saying she wants to have sex in "The Carries Diaries"

    14. "Don't have sex with your partner until you've been together for at least six months."

    "In our hypersexualized society, that seems to be a really unpopular opinion. The purpose of this is that if your partner is really into you, they will be respectful and supportive of your decision to wait. This allows the two of you to develop a high-level emotional and mental bond, so when you do have sex, it’ll be an experience that deepens those emotions and connections. Whereas if you have sex with a low or non-existent level of emotional connection, then the sexual experience won’t (typically) enhance that bond. Focus on emotions first, then sex."


    15. And finally, "Cheating doesn't necessarily make a person a cheater."

    Do you have any unpopular dating opinions we missed that you'd love to get off your chest? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.