People Shared The Meals They Believe Best Represents Their State And It's Time To Debate If They're Right

    Prepare for your mouth to water while reading this!

    A while ago, Reddit user emilou99 asked people what meal they thought accurately represented their entire state. Her goal was to cook each food from each state (she even documented it here!). Here are the foods that locals believe best represent their state as a whole:

    1. Alabama: Smoked chicken with white sauce

    Smoked chicken wings with Alabama white sauce

    2. Alaska: Basically, anything made from wild salmon

    A plate of cooked salmon with a side salad

    3. Arizona: Carne asada tacos

    Two carne asada tacos

    4. Arkansas: Chocolate gravy and biscuits

    5. California: Street tacos

    6. Colorado: Lamb chops with roasted red San Luis Valley potatoes

    Lamb chops

    7. Connecticut: New Haven–style pizza

    close-up of clam pizza on tray

    8. Delaware: Scrapple, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a toasted pretzel bun

    9. Florida: Publix subs

    10. Georgia: Shrimp and grits

    11. Hawaii: Pan-fried slices of Spam, two scoops of white rice, and scrambled eggs

    12. Idaho: Finger steaks with fry sauce

    13. Illinois: Deep dish pizza

    14. Indiana: Hoosier breaded pork tenderloin sandwich

    15. Iowa: Pork tenderloin

    Oversize pork tenderloin sandwich

    16. Kansas: Chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes covered in white gravy

    17. Kentucky: Hot brown

    18. Louisiana: Gumbo

    19. Maine: Lobster boil

    20. Maryland: Crab feast with Old Bay seasoning

    21. Massachusetts: Clam chowder

    22. Michigan: Coney dogs

    23. Minnesota: Jucy Lucy (a cheeseburger with cheese inside the meat instead of on top of it)

    24. Mississippi: Fried catfish with fries, hush puppies, collard greens, and black-eyed peas

    25. Missouri: BBQ burnt ends

    26. Montana: Bison burgers

    27. Nebraska: Runza

    28. Nevada: Shrimp cocktail and prime rib

    29. New Hampshire: Blueberry pancakes with fresh maple syrup

    30. New Jersey: Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on a bagel with salt, pepper, and ketchup

    31. New Mexico: Green chile enchiladas

    32. New York: NY-style pizza

    33. North Carolina: Pulled pork sandwich with a vinegar-based sauce

    34. North Dakota: Knoephla soup

    35. Ohio: Kielbasa and sauerkraut

    36. Oklahoma: Fried catfish

    37. Oregon: Marionberries

    38. Pennsylvania: PA Dutch food

    39. Rhode Island: Clam cakes

    40. South Carolina: She-crab soup

    41. South Dakota: Chislic

    "South Dakota is definitely chislic." 


    Runner-up: "A really good Buffalo burger from Al's Oasis." —u/armlessfarmboy

    42. Tennessee: Nashville hot chicken

    43. Texas: Smoked brisket with white bread, white onions, and pickled jalapeños

    44. Utah: Funeral potatoes

    Homemade Funeral Potatoes Casserole with Cheese and Chives

    45. Vermont: Apple grilled cheese

    46. Virginia: Virginia country ham with red-eye gravy

    47. Washington: Salmon with dill and butter, asparagus, and Yukon Gold potatoes on the side

    48. West Virginia: Pepperoni rolls

    49. Wisconsin: Beer brats topped with fried onions and sauerkraut and grilled sweet corn

    50. Wyoming: Rocky Mountain oysters

    Are there any foods you think better represent your state than the ones listed? Feel free to drop it in the comments below!