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    26 Of The Saddest Character Departures In TV History

    Why must the good ones go?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they thought was the saddest TV character departure ever. They definitely rose to the occasion and made me very emotional in the process. Here are the best responses.


    1. Alex Karev from Grey's Anatomy

    2. Grogu from The Mandalorian

    3. Michael Scott from The Office

    4. Wes Gibbons from How to Get Away with Murder

    5. Finn Hudson from Glee

    6. Toni Childs from Girlfriends

    7. Fred Andrews from Riverdale

    8. Adriana La Cerva from The Sopranos

    9. Troy Barnes from Community

    10. Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan from Grey's Anatomy

    11. Nairobi from Money Heist

    12. Sammy Lieberman from Dance Academy

    13. Elliot Stabler from Law and Order: SVU

    14. Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner from Criminal Minds

    15. Jack Pearson from This Is Us

    16. Eric Forman from That '70s Show

    17. Poussey Washington from Orange is the New Black

    18. Castiel from Supernatural

    19. Steve Burns from Blue's Clues

    20. Issac Lahey form Teen Wolf

    21. Campbell Saunders from Degrassi: The Next Generation

    22. Mike Delfino from Desperate Housewives

    23. Lance Sweets from Bones

    24. Allison Argent from Teen Wolf

    25. Otis from Chicago Fire

    26. And finally, Charlie Pace from Lost

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.