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    21 Roommate Horror Stories That Are The Exact Reason People Say, "Don't Live With Your Best Friend"

    "She asked me to leave for a week while her friend was visiting so that they would have a place to sleep, aka my bed."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the time they knew moving in with their best friend was a mistake, and boy, did they have a lot to say! Here are some of the best (well, worst) responses:

    Warning: Some submissions include mentions of sexual assault and abuse. 

    1. "I was living with my two closest friends from work. One of them decided to start dog-sitting at our apartment, which she didn't ask permission to do, and instead just told my other roommate and I that she would be doing this. The arrangement was supposed to be that the dogs would only come over on the weekends, and she would be present with them the whole time. One dog that had been at our apartment a few times previously came over for his usual Friday through Sunday weekend. At the time, I had a pet bunny that would stay in my room with the door closed. We never had any issues with dogs trying to get into my room. However, my roommate was out of the house on this day while the other two of us were at work. The dog broke through the door and went into my room, attacked the bunny, and unfortunately killed him."

    Kevin from "The Office" looking sad

    2. "I was living in Boston and invited my best friend from college to move in with me. It started off great, and she got a job at my company in a different department and building. One time, I popped in to say hi, and she was wearing a shirt of mine. When I asked about it, she said I had already left in the morning, so she couldn't ask. I told her, please ask next time, and I thought that was it. Nope. She started borrowing things without asking all the time, and even when I would tell her not to, she would giggle, apologize, but not stop. I finally snapped when I couldn’t find the pearls my grandmother had left me."

    "I searched high and low to no avail. I banged on her door to ask if she took them, but she said she hadn’t seen them. I went back to my room to finish getting ready. A few minutes later, she came in with my pearls and said she found them in the bathroom, which I know for a fact I hadn’t left them there sitting on top of the toilet! That night I got a lock on my door, and a month later, I moved to NYC. We didn’t speak for several years until she ended up moving to NYC. We reconnected, and I gave her a second chance. We got an apartment together, and this time it was without issue!"


    3. "She grew up rich, and I grew up poor. We went grocery shopping together, and she complained the entire time that I was buying store-brand food and said it would make us look poor to her guests. She asked me to hide all of my food behind hers so no one could see it and then asked me to leave for a week while a friend was visiting during that time so her friend would have a place to sleep, aka my bed."

    Britney Spears looking confused

    4. "I moved in with a longtime friend, and things were fine in the beginning. Eventually, I would decline to hang out at times because I'd get invited to do things with other friends as well. I didn't ditch my roommate completely; I would just hang out with other people that weren't here every so often like a normal person. One night, I had a date. After getting myself ready and thinking that I looked pretty decent, she asked me if I was really going on a date in my outfit because there were prettier and skinnier girls out there that my date would probably like better."

    5. "I moved in with my bestie, and we were both really excited and started planning all our girl nights! Things were OK at first until she told me that she wouldn't be chipping in half of the rent for two weeks since she was staying with her mom, who literally lived around the corner. I thought, fine, OK, I'll manage two weeks' rent/bills on my own. Anyways, she spent every minute at our flat until she was ready for bed, then went back to her mom's. She ate food that I bought, used gas and electricity that I paid for, invited her work friends, and made them dinner with the last of the food I bought. I spoke to her the next day, and things got heated. She said that she was sick of doing her own washing, sick of washing dishes, and sick of having to get herself up for work and seeing as though I didn't help her with that, she wanted to move back in with her mom."

    "I replied, 'Oh sorry, I didn't realize I'd be moving in with a 19-year-old baby.' She moved out the next week and demanded her half of the deposit back, which I couldn't afford, so I had to move back home too. I didn't talk to her for a long time after that. When I got my own two-bedroom place a few months later, she joked that she'd rent the spare room off me. I thought, 'Oh helllllll no, don't even joke about it, honey.'"


    6. "I was in college, and we shared an apartment. I did evening classes and worked nights, so my day rarely started before 1 p.m., especially on the weekend. She would wake up every Saturday morning to clean and run around the apartment with her music blasting while cursing me out because I wasn't awake to help out. She then tried to sleep with the guy I had started dating."

    Rachel from "Friends" looking annoyed and frustrated

    7. "She would get 'homesick' despite living five minutes away. She said she would cry at night because she was missing her mom. We had a lease for half a year, but she decided to move out two months in. I really depended on her rent to help with the bills. I had to turn off the heat in the winter just to pay them, and I ate a lot of hot dogs and macaroni until the lease was up."



    8. "My best friend and I moved into a house to take over her boyfriend's lease because he 'needed to move home to take care of his finances.' Spoiler alert, he never left, never chipped in for bills, and on top of that, he tried to manage our lease until I went off on him about how much he didn't contribute to the house."

    Ross sitting on a couch looking flustered and holding his temple on "Friends"

    9. "My friend owed me over $700 in rent, and she thought it was funny to buy an iPad instead and move out."

    "We haven’t talked in years, and she still owes me."


    10. "Straight after college, I did what many young Americans do and moved in with my parents. It wasn't great, and I quickly learned I needed out. My best friend let me move into her one-bedroom apartment with me in the living room. After about two years, I knew I needed to move out, but I was afraid of where to go next. The final straw was when I realized I couldn't bring any friends over because the place was always disgusting. This girl was incapable of keeping the apartment clean. I would spend days cleaning only for 24 hours to pass, and it would be disgusting again."

    Raven Baxter from "That's So Raven" saying "You nasty" and looking disgusted

    11. "During undergrad, I moved into a house with my BFF (we'd been close since I was 6 years old) and three other girls. There was always drama, but the most memorable 'oh shit, this was a mistake' moment was when they tried to have an intervention with me about me starting antidepressants. I was blindsided and asked to sit down in the kitchen with my BFF, so she could explain that there were more 'natural options' that work better than SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)!"

    "Mind you, I had been sexually assaulted only months before and had substance use issues, so I was trying to get mental health support without falling off the wagon. At the end of the term, I moved home and eventually transferred to a college out of state." 


    12. "We were uni roommates since first year (freshman year), but at the start of third year (junior year), she got a new boyfriend. She effectively moved him into our house straight away, and he contributed nothing toward rent, household items we shared, etc. They barely bothered with the rest of the house. However, when my boyfriend of four years visited, she would complain to our housemates that I didn't hang out with them when he came over."

    13. "After uni, she moved in with my boyfriend and me, in our spare room, as a favor since she didn't want to move home. We set some ground rules (rent, telling us when guests would be staying, borrowing stuff, etc.), and it was fine at first. Then she started being late paying rent and always with some sob story. She broke half of my dishes and said she would replace them but never did. She borrowed some of my clothes and didn't return them. She would even leave stove burners on and nearly set the apartment on fire."

    Homer Simpson setting the kitchen on fire and himself on "The Simpsons"

    14. "I was at rock bottom going through a divorce, losing my car, job, and housing, so my ex-best friend offered me to stay with her and her boyfriend. I gratefully accepted. The day she picked me up to move in on the drive, I knew immediately I'd made a huge mistake. She immediately started listing 'rules' and things I wasn't allowed to do. I wasn't allowed to have any friends over, especially men, I wasn't allowed to sleep over a certain time, and she gave me a curfew, and I wasn't allowed to go out more than 2–3 times per week. She would 'think about letting up once I proved myself responsible.' I was 29 years old and coming out of an abusive marriage! But I had no other choices until I got back on my feet."

    "She constantly picked fights with me, got mad when I didn't want to spend time with her, nit-picked my body, threatened to kick me out anytime I acted independently at all, and lorded the fact that she was 'doing me a huge favor' over me every single day. She and her boyfriend were mutually abusive to each other, and I had to watch and listen to their abuse almost daily. It's been six years, and I'm still working through it all in therapy because living with her was so genuinely traumatizing." 


    15. "First time moving out of my parents' house. Myself, my now-husband, and a friend we'd both known for seven years decided to rent a house together. The first red flag was when we went to sign the lease, and our friend quit his job. Then two weeks after moving in (at our expense), he got paid, and instead of repaying us, he took a weekend trip out of state and came back broke. The last straw was almost two years in, when two other friends got kicked out of their parents' house. We told them they could store their stuff in the garage we weren't using as long as they needed. The two of us got home from work to find out that our roommate had told the other two that they could live in our garage indefinitely."

    "They had fully made beds and furniture set up too. First of all, that immediately breaks the lease, but to make it worse he said to one of the guys that his 15-year-old girlfriend could stay the night with them. We lost it and told him he had two weeks to get out. Eventually, we had to get a notarized notice kicking him out. For the record, he's grown up a lot since then. There's no long-term bad blood. He was our next-door neighbor for a year, and we attended his wedding. We talk like four times a year, but yikes, I genuinely hated him for a couple of years." 


    16. "My BFF and I agreed to share an apartment for junior year of college and had everything set up by the end of the previous year so that we'd be ready to go after summer break. I spent that summer studying abroad in Italy. By the time I got back, my BFF had met a guy and became so infatuated with him that they did everything together, including living together. He stayed with us five or more nights a week but never paid rent or helped out."

    17. "After nearly a year of living together, I asked her if she could take out the trash, and she asked me how to do that."

    Rachel from "Friends" taking out the garbage

    18. "I was getting ready to move in with my best friend of 12 years after I graduated college. The day before I signed onto the lease, she sat me down and told me that she had almost $7,000 in medical bills, a couple hundred in phone bills, and was three months behind on rent and in danger of being evicted, all of which she expected me to help her with paying. I discussed it with my mom and decided it was a bad move to financially put myself in that situation, so I told her I couldn't move in. I ended up having to call mobile crisis on her because when I told her, she had a mental breakdown and hurt herself."

    "Then she told some of our mutual friends that I laughed at her when she did (untrue) and then left her there to deal with her crisis herself (also untrue)." 


    19. "We both moved across the country for a job in the airlines and didn't know anyone in the new city. Although she claimed to be a 'Goody Two-shoes,' I found out that she would get trashed at bars and bring home strangers from bars or Tinder and have noisy sex all night. She told me she wasn't comfortable having alcohol in the apartment, so I always chose to drink elsewhere. One day, I came home early from a trip, and some random person was sleeping in my bed!"

    Joey from "Friends" looking shocked

    20. "I moved in with one of my best friends, and it was great for the first two months until I spent the weekend at my parents' and came back to the apartment to find out that my roommate had been sleeping and having sex in my bed. She left used condoms all over my floor."

    Ben Gross from "Never Have I Ever" looking at a used condom on a stick in this face

    21. And finally, "This was several years ago after high school. My BFF and I moved to a bigger city for more job opportunities, and of course, we moved in together. It seemed perfect at the time. A year went by, and all of a sudden, her new fling was living with us! She didn't ask if he could move in, and I'd never met him before. He lived back in our hometown, and she said she liked him and would stay at our apartment for a week to hang. Well, that week came and went, and he was still living with us. She just kept saying she didn't know when she'd take him home. He didn't have a job, or car, or a way to make money. He started stealing and pawning our stuff for money."

    Homer, Bart, and Lisa Simpson outside of a pawn shop in "The Simpsons"

    Do you have any stories about when living with your best friend turned them into your ex-best friend? Feel free to spill all the tea in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.