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Wanna Know How Datable You Are? React To These Worst First-Date Scenarios To Find Out

Love is in the air...maybe.

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This quiz is simple. You'll be given a series of first-date scenarios, and you'll have to decide how you'd handle any inconvenience that's thrown your way. How you respond will, of course, reveal how datable you are.

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  1. You and your crush have finally arranged a first date after talking about it for months. They are supposed to meet at your house for dinner and a movie but never show up. What do you do?

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  2. Your coworker confesses to having a crush on you and asks you out for drinks. You finally agree, but during the date, they only say four sentences and you both sit in awkward silence for most of the night. What do you do?

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  3. You've had a crush on your lab partner for months and finally worked up the courage to ask them out. Somehow they thought you asked them out to talk about school, and eventually proceed to ask you for advice on getting a girl to like them. What do you do?

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  4. You match with someone on Tinder and you're finally going on a first date with them. They decide to take you to a movie that you're super excited to see, but they keep trying to talk to you while you're watching. What do you do?

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  5. You finally got a date with your crush. They pick you up and head to a restaurant. The restaurant has a long wait, so they head inside to reserve a table. While they are inside, you find a wedding ring in their cup holder. What do you do?

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  6. You meet someone on Bumble, and you both decide to meet up at a diner for dinner. They arrive holding a baby and you soon realize that, yes, it's theirs. They never mentioned having a kid to you before. What do you do?

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  7. Your crush has just asked you out to lunch, and you agree because you've liked them for a while. On the date, they pull out a drawing they made of you based on your profile picture and tell you they have several more at their house. What do you do?

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  8. You and a coworker go out to dinner for your first date. While you're ordering your food, an old couple comes to your table. Turns out it's their parents! Your date not only wants you to meet them but wants them to join your dinner. What do you do?

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  9. You're on a date at a restaurant and notice your date pull out their phone, but you brush it aside. A few seconds later, you get a text from your date about how horrible the date is going. Turns out they meant to send that to their friend. What do you do?

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  10. You're at a bar with your crush. The date is going well and you have a lot in common. Then, out of nowhere, they start to talk about their ex way too much. In every sentence, they mention their ex. What do you do?

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