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    34 Small Pixar Details You May Have Missed That'll Make You Pay Extra Close Attention When You Rewatch

    Time to wear binoculars when I watch the next Pixar movie!

    I'm sure everyone who's reading this has seen every (or a good amount) of Pixar movies in their life, and what's even better than watching the films is overanalyzing them and looking for hidden Easter eggs.

    And while there are many Easter eggs that are easy to spot, there are even more that are not. So here are 34 Pixar Easter eggs that you most likely didn't notice the first time around.

    1. Sully from _Monsters, Inc. _(2001) made a cameo in _Brave _(2012). 

    Here's a better look at it:

    A carving of Sully from "Monsters Inc." in "Brave"

    2. There's a tiny hint referring to an upcoming Pixar movie called _Turning Red _hidden in Luca

    3. Several Pixar shorts can be seen on the TV when Hamm is changing channels in Toy Story 2 (1999). 

    4. Andy has two books on his bookshelf in _Toy Story _(1995) titled "Knickknack" and "Tin Toy" with the author being "Lasseter" which references John Lasseter's first two 3D animated short films. 

    John Lasseter is known for directing not only _Toy Story _(1995), but also _A Bug's Life _(1998), _Toy Story 2 _(1999), Cars (2006), and Cars 2 (2011). 

    5. The "9 inch nails" sign seen in _Soul _(2020) is a reference to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, two of the movies composers. They're also members of the band Nine Inch Nails.

    6. One of the locations seen in _Cars _(2006) is called the city of Emeryville which is where Pixar Studios is located in real life. 

    Here is Pixar's Studios in Emeryville, California:

    Pixar animation studios in Emeryville CA

    7. John Walker, the producer of _The Incredible _(2004), is also the name of the principal. 

    Here's a better look at the principal from the movie and the real John Walker:

    8. One of Hypnosis' screenslaver's in Incredibles 2 looks like a very similar mouse we all know and love. 

    Here's a better look:

    9. Giulia from _Luca _(2021) owns a "Nicolo Pitera" record which is a reference to one of the movie's animator, Nick Pitera.

    Nick Pitera is also widely known for singing the Triple Dent Gum jingle in Inside Out

    Here's a closer look:

    10. Both of the characters' names in _Luca _are types of fish in Italian. In English, Paguro means hermit crab and Scorfano means redfish.

    11. In the Incredible 2 (2018), Edna Mode says that Jack Jack's powers manifest when he listens to Mozart. In the first movie, his babysitter, Kari, plays Mozart for him which triggers his powers. 

    12. The street next to the pescheria in _Luca _is Via Vernazza. Vernazza is the town in Italy that Portorosso was based in. 

    A comparison of Vernazza, Italy and the town Portorosso, which is in the movie "Luca"

    13. The TV audio shown in _Up _(2009) is from an actual home shopping channel. 

    14. Wall-E and Eve from WALL-E make a small cameo in Toy Story 4

    15. A Mickey Mouse silhouette makes a surprise appearance in _Ratatouille. _ 

    16. The music that was played in _The Shining _(1980) was also used in Toy Story 4 when Woody meets a new character. 

    17. A poster for Walt Disney's adaptation of _20,000 Leagues Under The Sea _(1954) is seen in _Luca _and it's in Italian. 

    The film is adapted from Jules Verne's 1870 novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under_ __The Sea. _

    18. The famous Luxo ball (aka the Pixar Ball) can be seen on a rooftop in _Luca. _

    Here are some other spots where the famous Pixar ball has made an appearance:

    19. Another Pixar gem (the Pizza Planet truck) can be seen in Luca during the race scenes. 

    20. A small, hidden Mickey Mouse silhouette can be seen in the _Monsters, Inc. _(2001) intro.  

    21. The same Chinese takeout box that was seen in _A Bug's Life _was also shown in a fridge in Toy Story 4

    22. A skeleton from _Coco _(2017) is seen wearing the same shirt that Sid from _Toy Story _wore. 

    23. In _Inside Out, _there's a board game called "Find Me" in Imagination Land that has clear inspiration from Finding Nemo

    24. Collette, the chef from _Ratatouille _(2007) can be seen on a magazine cover in Inside Out

    Here's a closer look:

    25. In Toy Story 2, there's a book with Flick and Dot from A Bug's Life in it. 

    26. In Andy's room in the third_ Toy Story _movie, there is a postcard from Carl and Ellie hung on his bulletin board. 

    27. The guitar from Coco is one of the carnival prizes in _Toy Story 4 _(2019). 

    28. On the train in Soul, there is an advertisement for "Brang" which is the company Riley's dad works at in Inside Out

    29. There's an advertisement for "Eggman Movers" in Wall-E (2008), which is a moving company from _Toy Story. _

    30. There's a quick cameo from one of Pixar's first projects in the newest _Toy Story _movie. 

    31. The bugs from A Bug's Life make a quick cameo as toys in Al's Toy Barn during the second Toy Story

    Here's a closer look:

    32. A little boy in _Finding Nemo _(2003) was seen reading a Mr. Incredible comic book before _The Incredibles _even came out.

    _The Incredibles _debuted the following year. 

    33. Andy's room from _Toy Story 3 _(2010) is full of small Easter eggs including a poster of the mosquito from _A Bug's Life _(1998) and a calendar with one of the punks from _Cars _(2006).

    Here's a closer look at some of the examples:

    34. And finally, in Toy Story 4 (2019), there's a plate in the antique store that has the famous emblem from Merida's Clan in Brave (2011). 

    Are there any Pixar Easter eggs that totally caught you by surprise? Are do you know any that weren't included in this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments!