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    People Shared The Pettiest Reasons They Didn't Go On A Second Date And Honestly, For A Few, I Can't Even Be Mad

    These people are petty with a capital P.

    Sometimes when you're dating a person, something they say or do gives you the instant "ick" and makes you want nothing to do with them anymore. While it may seem petty, it sometimes just has to be done.

    Paris Hilton looking grossed out
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    And when Reddit user u/BozEverInterior asked, "What's the prettiest reason why you didn't go on a second date?" people had plenty of petty reasons to share.

    Rory telling Tristan she can't date him on "Gilmore Girls"
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    So here are just a few of the petty reasons people decided not to go on another date with someone.

    1. "She didn't believe me when I explained how centuries are counted."

    Oprah looking shocked and saying "What"
    Bravo TV / Via

    "I told her that the 19th century is the 1800s, and she asked, 'How does that work?' So I explained how the years 1–100 are the first century, the years 101–200 are the second century, and so on.

    Her response? 'Nah, you're having me on!'"


    2. "She picked up her phone directly after eating BBQ wings without wiping her hands off."

    Someone eating BBQ chicken wings
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    3. "I found out she had a fear of spoons, and I couldn't stop asking questions about it."

    Jim from "The Office" looking intrigued
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    "Not sure if this counts, but I ruined any shot I had at a second date."


    4. "He came to pick me up and was wearing a bowler hat and a tie-dye shirt."

    Michael from "The Office" grimacing
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    5. "She told me she was an artist. Genuinely interested, I asked if she was a musician, painter, sculptor, actor, etc.? She laughed and said, 'I'm a sculptor. I always wanted to paint, but I've never been good at dawling.'"

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    "Dawling... I thought it was a mistake, but after hearing her say it a few more times, any interest I had was gone."


    6. "He asked me if I wanted a soda from a hot dog cart, and I said yes. He then asked me to get him one too."

    A judge on "So you think you can dance" looking perplexed
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    7. "She asked me to take her to the local amusement park and then let me know she 'didn't do rides' once we got there."

    A man saying what and shrugging his shoulders
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    "I would have loved to take her literally anywhere else, until that date."


    8. "She kept dragging her heel when she walked."

    Dwayne Johnson rolling his eyes
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    "Fuck outta here with that shit."


    9. "She smelled like cheese. Not a delicate muenster, but more like a sharp cheddar."

    HighballTV / Via

    10. "I was really excited when this really handsome, very nice, and super-smart guy asked me out in college. He took me out for a nice dinner. I totally wanted to make out with him and had the opportunity on a pleasant late-night walk. Only problem, he smelled like baby powder and chocolate chip cookies."

    Rose from "90 Day Fiancé" looking disgusted
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    "One or the other, maybe, but those aromas together made him smell like a baby, and I just couldn't even imagine trying to make out with him again. I felt bad not returning his calls, but I was young and didn't know what to say that wouldn't hurt his feelings."


    11. "I went on a date with a guy who constantly mouth breathed louder than the show we were watching."

    Yara Shahidi looking annoyed and rolling her eyes
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    "He was super nice. I just couldn't do it."


    12. "He 'left his wallet in the car,' didn't go to get it, then proceeded to order the most expensive thing on the menu."

    Amy Schumer looking annoyed
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    "Just no."


    13. "He was studying to be an orthodontist and would not stop commenting on how great he thought my teeth were. They were nice comments, but come on, dude. It was starting to feel like the creepy beginnings of a movie about a serial killer with a tooth fetish."

    A woman looking confused
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    "He was a nice guy, but I was so turned off by his love for teeth that I couldn't do a second date."


    14. "A guy rejected my offer to pay for a bagel and then spent the next 10 minutes explaining why he didn't mind paying for a $4 bagel due to his meticulous financial planning."

    Jim from "The Office" chuckling and saying "OK..."

    15. "She laughed like a hyena that suddenly had a stick shoved up its ass. Like an intense shrill laugh followed by ending on a sharp, high-pitched yelp."

    Joey from "Friends" covering his ears and yelling
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    "It was her natural laugh. I couldn't deal."


    16. "I homebrew, and she asked to try one of my beers. I told her that it was a double IPA, and she might not like it (she previously told me she hated hoppy beers). She told me it was delicious, but then I caught her pouring the beer down the sink."

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    "If you don't like it, fine, but tell me so maybe I can drink it and not waste something I put time and effort into!"


    17. "Thirty minutes into our date, this guy asked me what my favorite movie was, so I said, 'Basically anything Tarantino has made.' He proceeded to go on a rant, saying Tarantino's movies were shit. He asked me how it was possible to like them and that they don't make any sense."

    NBC / Via

    "He then said his favorite movies were Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2. The date was over before it even started, TBH."


    18. "He kept making car noises. Not the occasional car noise; I'm talking full-blown rally car race noises for at least 40% of the date."

    Kelly Rowland looking annoyed
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    "He made car noises while we were in his car, and it made its OWN noises."


    19. "I went on a blind date, and at some point, the girl started saying, 'When we have kids, you have to tell them we met when you saved me from a burning house.' I was a firefighter at the time. That line was just too much for me, so I bailed on her."

    Andy from "The Office" saying "I'm sorry what?" and looking confused
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    "She kept trying to call and text me, but thankfully about a week later, my phone was destroyed on a fire call."


    20. "He spilled ice cream on his shirt and didn't change before coming on the date. I wouldn't even have noticed if he hadn't pointed it out."

    Nick Miller from "New Girl" looking disgusted
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    "I changed out of my jeans into a dress, and he couldn't change out of his stained clothes. Also, the movie we saw was Kill Your Friends. The film was alright but not date material."


    21. "He said 'Okie Dokie' multiple times."

    Jennifer Lopez looking super confused
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    22. "They had a weird gum-to-tooth ratio."

    Andy from "The Office" shaking his head "No" and frowning
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    "Creeped me the fuck out."


    23. "He told me that he believed that the Kardashians embody the American dream and that everyone should strive to be like them."

    E! / Via

    "Before that conversation, I thought I might've been in love with him. As soon as he said that, my vagina was like, 'I could never possibly be wet for this person again.'"


    24. "She asked me if I wanted tea, and I said yes. She then filled the cup with water and put it in the microwave."

    Leslie from "Parks and Rec" looking grossed out

    "She served me the tea, and the water was lukewarm. Who does this?"


    25. "Her dog was really aggressive when I showed up to pick her up. I actually like dogs a lot, but her dog was kind of crappy."

    A dog looking confused
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    "And I'd have to deal with her crappy dog a lot if we hit it off."


    26. "She ate all the bread you get before the meal arrives. I wanted some of the bread."

    SpongeBob looking sad sitting at a diner on "SpongeBob SquarePants"
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    "Deleted her number and blocked her when I got home."


    27. "We were at a restaurant, and she ate something spicy and started coughing. Her face was really ugly when she was coughing."

    CBC / Via

    "That was 30 years ago. I'm a better person now."


    28. "She told me her favorite movie was Shooter, and I just couldn't let it go. I asked her like 50 follow-up questions and then kept bringing it up throughout the night."

    NBC / Via

    "She texted me that night and said she had a really great time, and I should have gone back to her which I replied, 'Can I ask you another question about how Shooter is your favorite movie?!' Favorite movie = Shooter...does not compute."


    29. "On our date, we walked through a bookstore, and she couldn't point out a single book that she had read besides Twilight."

    Summit Entertainment / Via

    30. And finally, her second toe on her right foot was longer than her big toe."

    A man saying "I'm out"
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    "I noped the fuck out of that situation."


    Do you have any petty reasons as to why you didn't go on another date with someone? Please, feel free to drop all the pettiness below in the comments!

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