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    Millennials Are Sharing The Lies They Were Told Growing Up, And Everyone Should Be Taking Notes On What Not To Listen To

    Who even came up with these?!

    Do you ever think about all the absurd things you were told as a child that turned out not to be true as you grew older?

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    Well, when Reddit user u/KnickerWolves asked millennials to share the lies they were told growing up, they had a TON to say!

    Rob Riggle saying, "Who came up with this? And why?"
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    Note: While obviously, these things don't only pertain to millennials, they are who the question was targeted to.

    So, without further ado, here are just 19 of the lies millennials were always told growing up:

    1. "If I don't have my life figured out by the time I'm 25, then I have some serious problems."

    Hilary Duff in "Younger" saying, "I don't know what to do"
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    2. "Get a bachelor's degree, and you are set for life as far as a job/career is concerned."

    A bachelor's degree and a woman leading a corporate meeting at her job
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    3. "The biggest lie we were ever told was that we needed to get a desk job to be successful and that it's shameful to work a trade job."

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    "Fewer millennials are going into skilled trades or going to trade schools. Those that do are finding they can live very comfortably, and there's no glass ceiling. You can work your way up and live very well. Also, with less and less people going into trades, the cost of skilled labor in the future will be very high. People will be able to name their prices."


    4. "My nanna told me that the 'I'm feeling lucky' button on Google would put a virus on the computer."

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    "I'm honestly not even sure what it does."


    5. "My grandpa told me that the world was in black and white before color TV existed."

    Wanda and Vision from "WandaVision"


    6. "I was told that the AIDS virus was smaller than the pores in a latex condom, so you had to wait until you were married to have sex."

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    "Otherwise, you could get AIDS even with a condom."


    7. "Be loyal to your company. They'll take care of you."

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    8. "I was told that sex was a reward gifted by women to be bestowed upon deserving men."

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    "Growing up, it was awkward (and incredibly embarrassing) to understand that women can enjoy and want sex just as much as men."


    9. Or, "Men are always ready to have sex at any moment, and if they aren't, it obviously means there's something wrong with you or they're cheating on you."

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    "Just because it's anecdotally true for some doesn't mean it's a certainty. Also, all guys will only want sex from you all the time. That kind of thinking is harmful to a young woman's sexual-psychological development."


    10. "You need to define yourself by your job."

    Rachel from "Friends" saying "I'm gonna go get one of those job things"
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    "We live in a culture of dream jobs or people asking, 'What's your job?' when they meet you. My work is cool, but it's just a job. My hobbies are what I define myself around."


    11. "Everyone will go to college, finish by 21, and already be engaged and married soon after."

    Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls" graduating
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    "Then, within like two years of working, they're already buying a house with three kids by 25. I'm 26 and just got engaged, only now getting a career in my field, and I'm still living with my parents after living away for like a year."


    12. "Turning on the lights in the car was illegal."

    Indoor car light on
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    13. "We were going to have flying cars by now."

    A flying car
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    14. "Student loans are normal, and don't be afraid to go into debt."

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    15. "That the Dewey Decimal System is essential and that I would need to learn it to be successful in life."

    Reference books lined up in the library
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    "I haven't been in a library in years."


    16. "Money doesn't buy any happiness."

    Squidward from "SpongeBob SquarePants" showering in money and smiling
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    "Sorry, folks. But in the world I’m currently living in, it absolutely does."


    17. "That it will all make sense when you're older."

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    "Fuck that; everything makes even less sense. Now I'm older and expected to be independent and STILL don't understand half the shit I need to accomplish that successfully."


    18. "That we'd be able to afford to buy a house when we grow up if we worked really hard and got good jobs."

    Suburban House
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    "Turns out the freaking older generations bought them all and wanted to lease them. And when one goes on the market, they want to buy investment properties, or foreign investors make cash offers above the asking price. How do we compete with that?"


    19. Finally, "There was a big fish that lived in the canal behind my house, and I was told that it hunted for the feet of children, so you should never walk on the banks of the canal, because then it will grab your feet and eat you."

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    Do you have any lies that you were told growing up that have impacted the way you live to this day? Feel free to drop them in the comments!

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