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    40 Hilariously Awful Spelling And Grammar Fails That Make You Triple Check Everything You Write

    BRB, downloading Grammarly now.

    1. There's way too much going on here:

    2. Putting pastrami on a beagle...that sounds ruff:

    3. Morbidly a beast...that's a new one:

    4. These spam messages are getting better and better:

    5. When you listen to "Levitating" by Dua Lipa while eating breakfast:

    6. Who doesn't love chees?

    7. I can kinda work I guess.

    8. Well that's dark:

    9. I'm sure Olbama is a beautiful state:

    10. Hints, hence; close enough:

    11. Here's a gold star for trying:

    12. It's the effort that counts:

    13. Without the smirk emojis, I'd actually wonder if they were talking about an actual dirty mine:

    14. I also have high standers:

    15. Classic case of autocorrect ruining things:

    16. Isn't Bing Bong that character from the Disney movie Inside Out?

    17. They're what???

    18. Anyone have the number to the nearest corner?

    19. There are several mistakes here:

    20. And for english assignment number one, we're going to correct this paragraph:

    21. I wanna have fun in the un too!

    22. At least the person who answered this question tried to be helpful:

    23. Close enough:

    24. For only two sentences, there's a lot to unpack here:

    25. While it lacks in grammar, it makes up for with positive motivation:

    26. I didn't know Walmart sold roast history chickens!

    27. At least they're giving good advice:

    28. Meoring, mirroring, same thing!

    29. There's just a lot going on here:

    30. So close...

    31. I will now be only saying "Goodness glaciers" when I react to anything:

    32. Who doesn't love a good bonless wing?

    33. First and end met:

    34. I've never heard of a finger pulp, but there's a first time for everything right?

    35. Parking is only for costumers!

    36. Angles 🥺:

    37. Remember what they say, "If you brocken it, you buy it."

    38. I'm embarrassed that this took three attempts to find out what it was saying:

    39. Such an important message here:

    40. And finally, this shirt that says "I can savage" which is exactly how I feel when I listen to "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion:

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