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    40 Hilariously Awful Spelling And Grammar Fails That Make You Triple Check Everything You Write

    BRB, downloading Grammarly now.

    1. There's way too much going on here:

    C O N S U M E R from engrish

    2. Putting pastrami on a beagle...that sounds ruff:

    Pastrami on a beagle. from BoneAppleTea

    3. Morbidly a beast...that's a new one:

    Morbidly a beast from BoneAppleTea

    4. These spam messages are getting better and better:

    “Under the rest” from engrish

    5. When you listen to "Levitating" by Dua Lipa while eating breakfast:

    hyper levitating from BoneAppleTea

    6. Who doesn't love chees?

    Chessy Snachos to go please. 3 ways to spell Cheese. from onejob

    7. I can kinda work I guess.

    Apparently this phone store is in desperate need of getting sold. from onejob

    8. Well that's dark:

    Claim their prize ominously from BoneAppleTea

    9. I'm sure Olbama is a beautiful state:

    Sweet home olbama from engrish

    10. Hints, hence; close enough:

    Hints instead of hence from BoneAppleTea

    11. Here's a gold star for trying:

    This is posted at my gym... It's like a child wrote it. from mildlyinfuriating

    12. It's the effort that counts:

    Type rope from BoneAppleTea

    13. Without the smirk emojis, I'd actually wonder if they were talking about an actual dirty mine:

    A dirty mine from engrish

    14. I also have high standers:

    "standers" from BoneAppleTea

    15. Classic case of autocorrect ruining things:

    Cringe wealthy from BoneAppleTea

    16. Isn't Bing Bong that character from the Disney movie Inside Out?

    Bing Bong Table from BoneAppleTea

    17. They're what???

    suffercading from engrish

    18. Anyone have the number to the nearest corner?

    Better call the corner. from BoneAppleTea

    19. There are several mistakes here:

    A paramedic shot of earth. from BoneAppleTea

    20. And for english assignment number one, we're going to correct this paragraph:

    My English Notebook Cover. from engrish

    21. I wanna have fun in the un too!

    Fun in the Un (the Success plaque in the background was a happy accident too) from CrappyDesign

    22. At least the person who answered this question tried to be helpful:

    Water Water Everywhere from ihadastroke

    23. Close enough:

    It's parashut? I thought it was parachute from engrish

    24. For only two sentences, there's a lot to unpack here:

    He threw him grow the mountian. from engrish

    25. While it lacks in grammar, it makes up for with positive motivation:

    Hero be your own every day from engrish

    26. I didn't know Walmart sold roast history chickens!

    Roast history chickens from BoneAppleTea

    27. At least they're giving good advice:

    Please avoid smoking when living. from engrish

    28. Meoring, mirroring, same thing!

    Oh dear. from engrish

    29. There's just a lot going on here:

    FOR MORE YEARS from engrish

    30. So close...

    I dont think that words means what you think it means from engrish

    31. I will now be only saying "Goodness glaciers" when I react to anything:

    Goodness Glaciers from BoneAppleTea

    32. Who doesn't love a good bonless wing?

    B O N L E S S from onejob

    33. First and end met:

    First and end met from BoneAppleTea

    34. I've never heard of a finger pulp, but there's a first time for everything right?

    But I don't have one of those from engrish

    35. Parking is only for costumers!

    Costumers only! from BoneAppleTea

    36. Angles 🥺:

    What kind of angle are they though? from BoneAppleTea

    37. Remember what they say, "If you brocken it, you buy it."

    It will Brocken. from engrish

    38. I'm embarrassed that this took three attempts to find out what it was saying:

    We’re We’re Open + Here For You from dontdeadopeninside

    39. Such an important message here:

    HELP HELP US KIDS from dontdeadopeninside

    40. And finally, this shirt that says "I can savage" which is exactly how I feel when I listen to "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion:

    I can savage from dontdeadopeninside

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