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    People Are Sharing The Fan Theories They Believe To Be 100% True And Some Valid Points Have Been Made

    Time to rethink every TV show and movie I've watched now.

    Watching TV shows and movies are already a great source of entertainment, but what makes them even better is creating fan theories about them afterward.

    A woman saying "It's just a theory"
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    And people definitely didn't hold back with sharing their fan theories when redditor u/AwkwardJewler asked, "What fan theory do you 100% accept as true?"

    Megan Parker from "Drake and Josh" saying "Interesting"
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    Some of these submissions are from BuzzFeed Community members and the r/FanTheories subreddit. 

    So here are some of the wildest fan theories that people believe in 100%.

    1. Every aspect of Friends completely exists only in Phoebe's head.


    "As a homeless artist, she noticed a group having a good time in a coffee shop and placed herself in their group, and gave backstories to them all, but the entire series is just stories she's making up."


    2. In Danny Phantom, creating the ghost portal required some sort of human sacrifice.

    Danny's parents failing to start the ghost portal then Danny going inside and getting zapped from "Danny Phantom"

    "Danny had to be in the chamber and (at least somewhat) die before it started working."


    3. In Shrek, Shrek originally didn't have a name and just made one up on the spot when Donkey asked him for his name.

    Shrek and Donkey meeting for the first time
    DreamWorks Animation

    "In the first film, the first time Shrek's name is ever mentioned is when Donkey asks him for his name. The ogre doesn't immediately answer; instead, he looks up as if he was thinking about it for a second before answering in a hesitant tone, '... Shrek.'"


    4. Kevin Malone from The Office is actually a genius.

    Kevin from "The Office"

    "If not actually a genius, he is certainly much smarter than he lets on. Occasionally he slips up and reveals himself to be something of a math genius and has to backtrack and play it off. It's how he was able to afford ownership of the bar at the end of the series; I’m sure he made a bit just cashing in all those free drinks, but actually enough to buy a bar? I don't believe it."


    5. Squidward is secretly great at playing the clarinet, just too poor to afford a good one.

    Squidward from "SpongeBob SquarePants" playing the clarinet outside his window

    "The jump in musical instrument quality from low range to mid-range is far more noticeable than from mid to high for most instruments, but there is often a dirt-cheap end. These might even be made of plastic, either intended as a toy or an actual instrument. At this very low level, you'd be lucky if it even played half in tune and wasn't airy. Plastic recorders on the low end are decent because they're in such high supply, but most instruments aren't in demand enough to be made well in plastic to good quality.

    I believe that Squidward, as poor as he is working at a dead-end cashier job, cannot afford to save up for even a low- to mid-range instrument. His dead-end job and its terrible pay with the greedy Mr. Krabs isn't enough for something better. His plastic, cheap, airy, or even secondhand clarinet is to blame, not his skill.

    Supporting evidence is everywhere, but the most recent and obvious one is in the episode 'Krusty Koncessionaires,' when he once played a high-end clarinet intended for use in a concert, and it was beautiful. 'I can't believe it. This really is the best clarinet ever made!' he says after playing. So my theory is, if he could afford an upgrade, his music wouldn't be at all so raspy."


    6. Each episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia starts with a date and time because they're all testifying against each other in court.

    Opening cards from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" displaying the time, date, and place

    7. Andy from The Office hired people to play his parents because he was too embarrassed for Angela to meet his real parents.

    Andy's parents from season 4 and season 8 in "The Office"

    "When Andy proposes to Angela, the people playing his parents are different actors because they are literally actors. As in, he hired them to pose as his 'perfect parents' because his own parents couldn't be bothered to come. The people in the Season 8 episode 'Garden Party' are his real parents, who clearly are dicks."


    8. Korkie Kryze is the son of Satine and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

    Korkie Kryze and Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Cartoon Network/ Disney+

    "He looks so much like Obi-Wan, and Satine's only confirmed sibling, Bo-Katan, has no kids. It's basically begging for it to be true."


    9. WandaVision and the Loki series are connected.

    Wanda and Vision from "WandaVision" and Loki from "Loki"

    "So I have seen people discussing how the WandaVision and Loki series are connected, and I've got a whole theory regarding that:

    Let's start with the Time Variance Authority. TVA deals with Nexus events and prevents the Sacred Timeline from branching. The technology they used are all inventions of Kang (He Who Remains). Now let's jump to WandaVision. When Wanda became Scarlet Witch, she became a Nexus being, creating a Nexus event branching the Sacred Timeline. TVA would have to reset the timeline and eliminate the Scarlet Witch. But she is way powerful for only the TVA. So here He Who Remains comes up.

    My theory is that it was Kang's plan all along. He as He Who Remains knows all there is in time. He knows the future and can act accordingly to overcome anything. But what happens when a being can change that future and Kang cannot predict it before? He will be defeated. Scarlet Witch is such a being. She can create a probability hex, which can change an event’s probability and change the outcome. So Kang uses Sylvie to kill him and unleash infinite variants of himself to defeat the Scarlet Witch. And according to his paradox, Kang Prime will end the multiversal war, and thus Kang will be at the top again as He Who Remains.

    Now, some people are mentioning that Loki was placed before WandaVision according to the official timeline of the series. But it is worth mentioning."


    10. The actual Hunger Games in The Hunger Games (2012) were not created as a punishment and/or propaganda tool, but as a way to gauge each district's strengths and establish countermeasures where necessary.

    President Snow from "The Hunger Games"
    Lionsgate Films

    "President Snow wasn't an idiot. He knew that his method of ruling was bound to cause a rebellion of some kind eventually, especially with District 13 lying in wait.

    As any dictator would tell you — the only people you need to keep happy are the ones you’re most afraid of. So how does Snow decide who he fears most? Easy. Every year, he rounds up a smattering of kids from each district and drops them into a controlled environment so that the Capitol military can see exactly which districts are a threat to the established order. Who is giving their children combat training? Survival training? How would the average members of each district's population fare in battle? It would be incredibly easy to get this vital information just by watching the games.

    So, in my theory, Districts 1 and 2 don’t dominate the games because they’re treated well — they’re treated well because they dominate the games. Snow realized he needed to keep them happy because he constantly watched their fighters kick everyone’s ass."


    11. The Mad Max stories aren't actually about a man called Mad Max, but they're actually a bunch of separate people whose stories have been brought together and given life to a post-apocalyptic folk hero.

    Max watching a car blow up in "Mad Max"
    Warner Bros.

    12. In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore took Felix Felicis before Harry's trial.

    Harry on trial in "Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix"
    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "The day of Harry's trial was probably one of the most significant moments in the whole series. If Harry had lost that trial and gotten expelled, he would have had to surrender his wand, which had a twin-core with Voldemort's. I'm sure Dumbledore would have been able to avoid that, but I don't see how he would be able to without declaring war on the Ministry, since he would have to take Harry and escape from the Ministry of Magic before they took his wand. Not only that, but being expelled from Hogwarts would mean that Harry would have to go back to the Dursleys instead of Hogwarts. Harry would have never gone for that, no matter the consequences. He had already 'ran away' from the Dursleys twice before, once during Prisoner of Azkaban and once after the Dementors in OOP. He stayed in the OOP because the Ministry decided to give him a hearing instead of expelling him outright.

    Seeing how so much of Harry's future and safety relies on this trial, I think Dumbledore took Felix Felicis before the trial that day. It was too important of a trial to leave simply to chance. Especially given how hostile the Ministry was to Dumbledore and the Order. Dumbledore knew he HAD to have this trial go his way. He needed to keep Harry in Hogwarts no matter what for his safety and for him to learn how to be a Wizard, since he is the only one who can face Voldemort in the end. When you look back to that trial, Harry did have some lucky breaks. He had Madam Bones as his judge, instead of someone who was very unbiased as opposed to someone who is loyal to Fudge. 

    A big clue that got me to this theory was when the Ministry scheduled his trial an hour before it was supposed to begin. We know this was because Fudge wanted to make sure Dumbledore couldn't be there during the trial and have Harry unable to defend himself in court. However, in the books, Dumbledore even says that thanks to a 'happy coincidence,' he had been in the Ministry for the last three hours. I think the Felix he took told him to be in the Ministry a few hours before the trial started. When Harry took the Felix, it 'told' him to go to Hagrid's spider's funeral even though he was supposed to be taking the memory from Slughorn. I think the Felix also told Dumbledore to go to the Ministry earlier, as well as helped Harry win a case that looked basically unwinnable given how corrupt the Ministry and Fudge were at that time."


    13. Rory's book in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is actually the original show.

    Rory Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" holding a transcript of her book

    "That explains why the characters are so different from the show vs. revival miniseries. She’s looking back at the past with rose-colored glasses."


    14. In The Tomorrow War, 2021 is a giant metaphor for climate change.

    Amazon Prime Video

     "I understand that being drafted to fight aliens in the future is extreme, but I think it's a metaphor. We as humans are being informed and are witnessing a future war in radical climate change that we will not win if we do not fix today.

    I think the idea of some people wanting (and not wanting) to make the sacrifice of being drafted (living differently to benefit our survivability on Earth) perfectly replicates how it is in the real world.

    I think the antidote to kill the female aliens is the actual method of cleaner and more sustainable living for society. Of course, this is pure speculation, but I think it's a decent idea."


    15. Aladdin (1992) isn't set in the future, but Genie is from the future.

    The Genie, Aladdin, and Abo in the cave of wonders from "Aladdin" (1992)
    Buena Vista / courtesy Everett Collection

    "During the 'A Whole New World' segment, Aladdin flies Jasmine all around the known world of the time, including Egypt. There, we see the couple encounter a craftsman working on (presumably) the finishing touches of the Great Sphinx. He is startled by the couple on the flying carpet and misjudges his swing, resulting in the nose breaking off the rest of the monolith. Regardless of the historical inaccuracy of why the nose is missing, this shot establishes that Aladdin is alive at the same time as the completion of the Great Sphinx, which historically is recorded at around 2500 BCE.

    So cut to earlier, when Genie is first introduced and he says, 'Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.' This would mean that Genie had been in the lamp anytime between 13,000–12,000 BCE. This leads to some serious inaccuracies.

    The lamp appears to be made from a polished metal, likely some sort of copper alloy. The Bronze Age marked the beginning of metalworking, and even the early Bronze Age wouldn't have produced such a well-made lamp as the one we see Genie inhabit, not to mention that the Bronze Age would have only begun over 1,000 years before Aladdin was born.

    So why has a metal lamp been in a cave since before the foundation of even the oldest agricultural societies? Because Genie's last master was from the future —not necessarily from our future, but from when the Genie and his lamp first came into existence — and the last wish he made was to travel into the past. There's a lot of ambiguity as to why they made that wish, but I believe Genie's last master lost the lamp in that time period, where it remained for 10,000 years until Aladdin found it.

    I am not suggesting that Genie had to be from the future to know about Disneyland, Rodney Dangerfield, etc. Genie is a being with phenomenal cosmic power, and it's insane to suggest that Genie is constrained by our limitations as beings that experience time linearly and constantly flowing forward. Genie is a multidimensional being."


    16. In the Wizard of Oz, Glinda dropped Dorothy's house on the Wicked Witch of the East, not the tornado, and uses her to gain control of Oz.

    The House flying in the air on "The Wizard of Oz"
    Loew's, Inc

    "One of the first things Glinda tells Dorothy is that SHE killed the witch. They praise her so she'll accept it, and when the Witch of the West comes along, who killed her sister? Dorothy. Glinda then puts the ruby slippers on Dorothy's feet but DOES NOT TELL HER THAT SHE CAN USE THEM TO GO HOME. Instead, she sends Dorothy to Oz in possession of objects that a witch would MURDER her for. Dorothy, being forced into a situation where her only salvation is Oz and her worst enemy is the queen, inadvertently exposes the Wizard of Oz as a fraud AND murders the Witch of the West.

    Now who's left to rule Oz? Glinda, the fuckin' Witch of the North. She used Dorothy as an expendable pawn to gain control of Oz without having to leave her bubble. And when Dorothy is done upheaving the two biggest powers in Oz, Glinda sends her home and makes her think it was all a dream."

    17. Thanos gives Loki the Mind Stone in Avengers, not to get the Space Stone, but to further corrupt Loki and destabilize Asgard so Thanos can eventually invade an unprotected Nidavellir and force Eitri into making the Infinity Gauntlet.

    Thanos and Loki

    TL;DR: Thanos manipulated Loki, giving him the mind stone to get to Nidavellir.

    Thanos orchestrated the further corruption of Loki and the New York attack to divide and distract the Asgardians. With the Asgardian royalty destabilized and fighting among themselves, he could attack the unprotected forge of Nidavellir, the only place capable of forging a device strong enough to hold the Infinity stones.

    In Avengers (2012), Thanos loans Loki the scepter with the Mind Stone so Loki can take over Earth, and in return, Loki promises to bring Thanos the Tesseract. This seems like a simple two-for-one deal…except Thanos doesn’t need Loki to collect the Space Stone; he has his own army and could seemingly send them to do the work himself unless he had other, grander plans.

    The theory is that Thanos specifically sought Loki to launch the attack on Earth. The Mad Titan wasn’t aiming for the two-for-one Mind/Space Stone deal he pitched to Loki; he was secretly plotting to create a rift in the Asgardian royal family. Thanos’s ultimate goal was to invade Nidavellir and force Eitri to make the Infinity Gauntlet, but he can’t subjugate the forge while it still has a defense pact with Asgard.

    Eitri says to Thor in Infinity War (2018), 'You were supposed to protect us; Asgard was supposed to protect us.' 

    It works because Thanos locates the recently ostracized prince of Asgard and tempts him with a conquest that defies Odin’s will and pits Loki against his brother Thor. Thanos knows the risk that he’ll lose the Mind Stone, but he doesn’t care; the stones are of little use to him until he has the Gauntlet that allows him to wield their full power.

    In Infinity War (2018), Rocket says to Thor, 'Nidavellir is real? Seriously? I mean, that place is a legend. They make the most powerful, horrific weapons ever to torment the universe. I would very much like to go there, please.' If Rocket knows about Nidavellir, then it’s almost certain the Mad Titan knows of the forge and what the dwarves can create for him. He’s going to need the most powerful containment weapon ever constructed to wield the stones.

    And the only thing preventing access to the forge is the mighty Asgardian army. Knowing Asgard will likely defeat his army, Thanos’ opts to play the long game and manipulate Loki into destabilizing the Asgardian royal family. His plan works, the rift between Loki, his brother, and his father grows, and the Ragnarok destruction prophecy begins."


    18. Loki was controlled by the Tesseract more than he let on.


    "His eyes glowed multiple times, and he shed a tear when Thor tried to talk sense into him."


    19. The "real world" in the Matrix movies is just another layer of the Matrix designed specifically to appeal to people unwilling to conform to the standard Matrix.

    Neo from "The Matrix"
    Warner Bros.

    "Humans in this outer Matrix have confirmation of their belief that something was wrong and get to indulge in the fantasy of being a heroic freedom fighter against the faceless evil machines, thus choosing to accept this false reality. The anomaly of the One is that he's capable of rejecting both realities, which is the reason why he had powers in the real world."


    20. And finally, the blue pill in The Matrix is actually poison.

    Morpheus explaining the blue and red pill to Neo in "The Matrix"
    Warner Bros.

    "Morpheus gives Mr. Anderson a choice. Blue pill, stay in the Matrix — red pill, get out. The red pill is revealed to be a tracking program to pull him out of the people's goo battery. But what's the blue pill?

    Later, Morpheus explains that people who like the control and are subconsciously willing to stay in the Matrix can be morphed into agents. The rebels clearly have no qualms about killing ignorant law enforcement officers, and this is part of the reason. If you're the type to go into law enforcement, you're more likely to be in favor of keeping the status quo, since that's your job, and thus more likely to be popped into being an agent.

    Suppose Mr. Anderson got that far in and decided to back out, with Morpheus and everyone there in an incredibly risky retrieval mission. In that case, he could turn into an agent any time or give away some scrap of information to the machines.

    So reasonably, the blue pill wouldn't have Mr. Anderson go back to his everyday life and wake up fine. It much more likely would've killed him."


    What are some of the fan theories that you 100% believe to be true? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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