29 Childhood TV Favorites That Unfortunately Ended As Soon As They Got Good

    Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we!

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the TV shows from their childhood that didn't deserve to be canceled, and they had a lot to say! Here are some of the best responses:


    1. Freaks and Geeks (1999–2000)

    James Franco in "Freaks and Geeks"

    2. Victorious (2010–2013)

    Tori Vega performing on "Victorious"

    3. Teen Titans (2003–2006)

    4. True Jackson VP (2008–2011)

    5. Zoey 101 (2005–2008)

    Zoey, Chase, and Michael from "Zoey 101" during prom night

    6. That's So Raven (2003–2007)

    Raven Baxter in "That's So Raven"

    7. Tower Prep (2010)

    Gabe, CJ, and Suki saying surprise to Ian for his birthday on "Tower Prep"

    8. My Babysitter's a Vampire (2011–2012)

    Ethan, Sarah, Benny, and Erica in the school hallway in "My Babysitter's a Vampire"

    9. In a Heartbeat (2000–2001)

    10. Big Time Rush (2009–2013)

    Carlos, Logan, Kendall, and James in "Big Time Rush"

    11. Phil of the Future (2004–2006)

    Phil and Keely kissing in "Phil of the Future"

    12. My So-Called Life (1994–1995)

    Jordan Catalano from "My So-Called Life" saying "So, you crying or something?"

    13. Taina (2001–2002)

    14. The Jersey (1999–2004)

    Nick from "The Jersey"

    15. Unnatural History (2010)

    16. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius (2002–2006)

    Jimmy Neutron and his dog, Goddard

    17. Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide (2004–2007)

    Moze and Ned kissing in the garden during the field trip in "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide"

    18. Mortified (2006)

    Taylor in "Mortified"

    19. The Troop (2009–2013)

    Felix, Hayley, and Jake in "The Troop"

    20. The Mighty B! (2008–2011)

    Bessie in "The Mighty B!" theme song

    21. Dinosaucers (1987)

    The dinosaurs in "Dinosaucers"

    22. The Pirates of Dark Water (1991–1993)

    Ren from "The Pirates of Dark Water"

    23. House of Anubis (2011–2013)

    House of Anubis

    24. So Weird (1999–2001)

    Fiona and Jack in "So Weird"

    25. My Brother and Me (1994–1995)

    Alfie and Dee-Dee in "My Brother and Me"

    26. Kyle XY (2006–2009)

    Kyle sitting at the dinner table in "Kyle XY"

    27. Two of a Kind (1998–1999)

    Mary Kate and Ashley in "Two of a Kind"

    28. Get Real (1999–2000)

    Kenny Green from "Get Real"

    29. And last but never least, Lizzie McGuire (2001–2004)

    Are there any kids shows you loved to watch that you wish didn't get canceled so soon? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity