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    15 Amazing Moments When Celebs Got Super Starstruck While Seeing Other Celebrities

    Everybody has a little bit of fangirl in them!

    1. Olivia Rodrigo finally meeting her idol, Taylor Swift, gives so much hope to all the fangirls out there.

    Olivia Rodrigo holding a Taylor Swift sign when she was younger and a picture of her and Taylor finally meeting in person
    Olivia Rodrigo/ @alltheendings/ Twitter / Via Twitter: @alltheendings

    I'm sure by now everyone knows that Olivia Rodrigo is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, Taylor Swift fan out there! She always speaks about how she's "really, really lucky to have her as a mentor." The two have had several interactions over the internet since Olivia dropped her No. 1 song, "Driver's License," but they had yet to meet in person until the BRIT Awards earlier this month. Olivia hasn't spoken about her experience meeting Taylor just yet, but by the looks of it, it was an out-of-this-world experience!

    You can see the moment here:

    2. Ariana Grande had the best reaction to meeting Jim Carrey for the first time in 2014.

    Ariana Grande meeting Jim Carrey
    Ariana Grande / Via

    Ariana has always made it known that she has been a diehard Jim Carrey fan since she was a child; he was even her celeb crush! When she was in fourth grade, her AIM username was even jimcarreyfan42. On Live with Kelly and Michael, she explained how she was super nervous about meeting him and how "He was so over-the-top nice, and perfect, and just how I hoped he'd be!" They later got to work together on the show Kidding in 2020.

    You can see the moment here:

    3. Billie Eilish fangirled so hard when meeting Justin Bieber at the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

    A photo of young Billie Eilish with Justin Bieber posters on her wall and a photo of her and Justin meeting in person at the 2019 Coachella music festival
    Billie Eilish/ Scooter Braun / Via /

    It's no secret that Billie Eilish has always been a super-huge fan of Justin Bieber. She's frequently gushed about how much she loves him and looks up to him and has even named him as her celebrity crush. In 2019, they finally got a chance to meet at Coachella. Let’s just say Billie was SHOOK!

    You can see the moment here:

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    Justin Bieber Videos / Via

    4. Chance the Rapper had the absolute funniest and most relatable reaction when seeing Beyoncé at the 2016 VMAs.

    Beyoncé surprising Chance the Rapper during an interview and him freaking out
    MTV / Via

    Although Chance the Rapper has briefly met her before, this interaction when he saw her again took the internet by storm. While Chance was doing an interview, Beyoncé snuck up behind him and surprised him in the best way. After seeing her, he said that he thought it was one of his friends, so he didn't turn around at first, but when he did, he freaked out genuinely because it was Beyoncé.

    You can see the moment here:

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    5. Simone Biles smiled from ear to ear when meeting Zac Efron in 2016 on The Today Show.

    You can see the moment here:

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    6. Sam Smith is officially the number one Harmonizer and had the cutest reaction when they met Fifth Harmony back in 2017 during Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

    James Corden and Sam Smith talking about how much they love Fifth Harmony and then Fifth Harmony getting in the car with them
    CBS / Via

    During the segment, Sam spoke to James about how much they love Fifth Harmony and how they want "Work From Home" to be their wedding song someday in the future!

    You can see the moment here:

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    7. Nicki Minaj literally bowed down to Lauryn Hill when she met her back in 2016.

    Nicki Minaj bowing down to Lauryn Hill when they first met
    Nicki Minaj / Via

    Nicki Minaj has stated time and time again that she loves and idolizes Lauryn Hill, and when she finally met her, we could clearly see just how much! Nicki finally met the "Ex-Factor" singer back in 2016 when they both performed at Jay-Z and Beyoncé's Tidal charity event. Nicki posted the moment on her Instagram, stating how she loved Lauryn's "spirit, mind, and everything about her." She even mentioned how she included Lauryn Hill in her high school yearbook.

    You can see the moment here:

    8. Keke Palmer had a totally relatable reaction when being surprised by Michael Ealy on her talk show, Just Keke.

    Keke Palmer talking about how Michael Ealy is her celeb crush and then him surprising her with flowers
    BET / Via

    Keke was just casually chatting with her audience about how Michael Ealy is her ultimate celeb crush on her talk show (you know, just normal things) when suddenly Michael popped out and surprised her with a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Honestly, if my celeb crush did this to me, I'd have the same reaction.

    You can see the moment here:

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    9. Mark Ruffalo had an insanely relatable reaction when he saw Paul Rudd giving an interview at Comic-Con.

    Paul Rudd giving an interview and Mark Ruffalo coming up behind him surprised
    HitFix / Via

    In 2014, Paul Rudd was doing a super-casual interview at Comic-Con about Ant-Man when Mark Ruffalo showed up behind him and was totally starstruck by Paul's presence. After the panel, they got to talk, and it's actually one of my favorite videos ever.

    You can see the moment here:

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    HitFix / Via

    Starts around 3:10.

    10. BTS freaked out when meeting Drake backstage at the Billboard Music Awards in 2019.

    BTS and Drake posing for a photo
    BTS_twt/ Twitter / Via Twitter: @BTS_twt

    Long-time fans of BTS already know that the boys never shied away from their love for Drake. They have named him as one of their musical influences for quite some time, and when they finally got to meet him, they were clearly super excited!

    11. Diane Keaton went full-blown Belieber when meeting Justin Bieber on The Ellen Show in 2015.

    Diane Keaton screaming as Justin Bieber surprises her on The Ellen Show

    For those of you who didn't know, Diane Keaton LOVES Justin Bieber! She's a huge fan and talks about it almost every time she's on The Ellen Show. Well, in 2015, during "Bieber week,” Justin surprised Diane, and her reaction was priceless!

    You can see the moment here:

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    EllenTube / Via

    12. Tiffany Haddish literally hopped over a red carpet rope to meet Meryl Streep.

    Tiffany Haddish hops over red carpet rope to meet Meryl Streep

    Tiffany Haddish had the most relatable reaction when she saw Meryl Streep walking across the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars. Mid-interview, Haddish spotted Meryl and then proceeded to step over the carpet rope just for a greeting, and if that's not relatable, then IDK what is. She even curtsied to Meryl Streep because that's just what you do in the face of movie star royalty.

    You can see the moment here:

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    Variety / Via

    13. Jennifer Lawrence embodied a true fangirl when meeting Jack Nicholson during an interview at the 2013 Oscars.

    Jennifer Lawrence being totally starstruck while meeting Jack Nicholson during the 2013 Oscars
    ABC News

    You'd think Jennifer Lawrence was already having one of the best nights ever after winning an Oscar during the 2013 Academy Awards, but it got even better when she met three-time Oscar-winning star Jack Nicholson during her backstage interview. The interaction between the two seemed so chill that you would've thought they were long-time friends. Once he walked away, though, you could truly see the shock and excitement written all over Lawrence's face.

    You can see the moment here:

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    ABC News / Via

    14. Annie Hathaway got super excited over just being in the same vicinity as Mariah Carey.

    Annie Hathaway being starstruck over Mariah Carey standing behind her
    Associated Press

    Annie Hathaway proved that even mega movie stars could be just as starstruck when seeing one of the biggest names in music as any of us! On the red carpet for the New York premiere of The Intern, Annie was giving an interview when Mariah Carey started walking past in the background, and she had the best reaction. Honestly, who wouldn't react like this when the queen of pop and Christmas is within reaching distance of you?

    You can see the moment here:

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    Associated Press / Via

    15. Finally, Adam Scott was totally in awe when Mark Hamill surprised him on Jimmy Kimmel Live!


    Adam Scott has always said he's been obsessed with Star Wars since he was a child. He even sent Mark Hamill an invitation to his 2nd birthday party! During an interview with Kristen Bell in 2017 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Mark Hamill surprised him with the best gift ever, and Adam described it as "the best moment of his life."

    You can see the moment here:

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    ABC / Via

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