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    40 All-Time Favorite Cookies Ranked From "Entirely Overrated" To "These Belong In A Cookie Museum"

    You after reading this: "Apparently I DO have strong opinions about cookies!"

    Cookies are indeed a world treasure, but even as the cookie enthusiast I am, I can admit that not all cookies are on the same level of greatness. And that's why today I am taking time to rank 40 of the most raved-about cookies from "not worth the hype" to "these couldn't get any better."

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    So, without further ado, here are what I think are the best (and worst) cookies the world has to offer!

    40. Starting off with my personal least favorite, Fig Newtons.

    Fig Newtons
    Bellingham Herald / Tribune News Service / Getty Images

    Figs just aren't my favorite thing in the world, so If I never had to see a Fig Newton ever again, I wouldn't be mad at all.

    39. Frosted Sugar Cookies

    Pink frosted sugar cookies with sprinkles
    Lofthouse Cookies / Via

    I can definitely see why these get so much attention because they're so pretty to look at, but they just never were my cup of tea. Maybe there's just a certain kind I need to try to get the fascination.

    38. Little Debbie's Raisin Creme Pies

    Little Debbie's Raisin Creme Pies purple box
    Little Debbie/ McKee Foods / Via

    I wasn't sure if you could technically count these as a cookie, but they are described as sandwich cookies; therefore, they shall be added to this list. Anyway, straight to the point, they aren't my favorite. Personally, raisins just don't belong in cookies.

    37. Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies

    Oatmeal creme pies
    Little Debbie/ McKee Foods / Via

    These aren't awful; I just personally would be less excited to see these as the dessert option as opposed to many other cookies that the world has to offer. 

    36. Grandma's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

    Grandma's Oatmeal Raisin Cookies since 1914 wrapper
    Frito-Lay North America, Inc / Via

    Oatmeal cookies have just always been my least favorite cookie, and adding raisins is another personal recipe for disaster. 

    35. Girl Scout Tagalongs

    Chocolate and peanut butter patties / Via

    Peanut butter and chocolate are a great combo, but these just aren't the best for some reason. I think it's the dry cookie in the middle that's throwing me off, but they aren't the worst things ever. Next!

    34. Milano Mint Chocolate

    Milano mint chocolate cookies
    Pepperidge Farm / Via

    I'm pretty sure I've only had these once in my life, but that's enough time for me to know that I don't like them much. Mint and chocolate just aren't my favorite dessert combination in the world. Sorry.

    33. Mint Oreo

    Oreo with green mint filling
    Mondelez International 2021 / Via

    Given the last example, you guys already know how I feel about mint and chocolate. There's nothing left to say. 

    32. Pepperidge Farm Cherry Verona Cookies

    Cherry Verona Pepperidge Farm pack of 18 cookies

    If there's one thing you've probably noticed from this list at this point, it's that I'm definitely one of those picky eaters. The only thing I don't like about this cookie is the center. I know that's over 50% of the cookie, which is why this is ranked where it is. I'm just not a fan of these fillings. But the cookie itself makes up for it!

    31. Girl Scout Samoas

    Girl Scouts of the United States of America / Via

    These are being rated so low on the list simply because they have coconut. Once coconut touches anything, I no longer want a part in it. These definitely aren't the worst thing in the world to eat, but I'd much rather enjoy a cookie when I'm not getting sticky coconut bits stuck in my teeth — sorry, coconut enthusiasts. 

    30. Grandma's Chocolate Brownie Cookies

    Chocolate cookies
    Frito-Lay North America, Inc. / Via

    Double chocolate anything already isn't my cup of tea. These are just alright. There's nothing really exciting about them, but I don't loathe them either. 

    29. Lenny & Larry's Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Complete cookie in wrapper
    Lenny & Larry’s, LLC / Via

    Maybe these would taste better if they're soft and warmed up, but straight out the package, they're kind of off-putting. 

    28. Girl Scout Thin Mints

    Thin Mint cookies
    Girl Scouts of the United States of America / Via

    Yet another mint/chocolate cookie that isn't really my cup of tea. Despite that, I would eat them when they were in the house. These are simply just OK. 

    27. Chocolate Creme Oreo

    Chocolate creme oreo package
    Mondelez International 2021 / Via

    Again, not the biggest fan of double chocolate, but these are much better than some alternatives.

    26. Pepperidge Farm Tahoe White Chocolate Macadamia

    Tahoe Edition White Chocolate Macadamia

    This list is already full of controversial opinions, so let me add another one. White chocolate is good. I know many people hate it, but I just can't be one of those people. These cookies aren't the best out there, but they deserve this spot just because they have white chocolate chips.

    25. Nabisco Nilla Wafers

    Nabisco Nilla wafers
    Mondelez International / Via

    These are just fine. I don't hate them, but I don't love them. They're right in the middle, which is the perfect spot.

    24. Grandma's Peanut Butter Cookies

    Grandma's peanut butter cookies
    Frito-Lay North America, Inc. / Via

    Out of all the cookies Grandma's has to offer, these are the best ones. Again, there are other PB options that I'd rather have (we'll get to those later 😉), but these are pretty good. Warm them up, and they may just be good enough to move to the top 20!

    23. Girl Scout Do-si-dos/Peanut Butter Sandwiches

    Do-si-do's on orange background
    Girl Scouts of the United States of America / Via

    They're definitely top tier when it comes to Girl Scout cookies alone, but it's another story when I'm talking about cookies in general. Peanut butter cookies are great; there are simply just other PB cookies that I gravitate toward. 

    22. Girl Scout Lemonades

    Lemonade cookie separated to show filing
    Girl Scouts of the United States of America / Via

    Bet you're surprised to see this down here and all the Girl Scout classics rated worst, but the truth must be told. This lemon cookie is a hidden gem that deserves more praise! 

    21. Grandma's Mini Vanilla Sandwich Cremes

    Mini sandwixch cremes wrapper
    Frito-Lay North America, Inc. / Via

    I'm a sucker for a good vanilla cookie with vanilla creme in the middle. LOL, that sounds pretty basic, I know. But why would I try to fix something when it already works so well?

    20. Birthday Cake Oreos

    Birthday Cake Oreos
    Mondelez International / Via

    More specifically, the kind made with golden Oreos. I don't even know if they still make them, but they were pretty good. They can become a bit overwhelmingly sweet if you eat more than like five, but I still enjoy them. 

    19. BelVita Blueberry Breakfast Biscuits

    Belvita blueberry cookies
    Mondelez International / Via

    Biscuits. Cookies. Same thing. Regardless of the name, for some reason, I actually love these. Maybe it's because for a good chunk of college, this was my on-the-go breakfast, but that just shows how good they are! 

    18. Keebler Rainbow Chips Deluxe Cookies

    Chips Deluxe Rainbow
    The Ferrero Group. / Via

    Whoever first decided to add M&M's to a cookie is a genius, and they deserve all the best the world has to offer.

    17. Royal Dansk Butter Cookies

    Royal Dansk Butter Cookies in classic blue tin
    Kelsen Group A/S / Via

    There are more times than not where you see this container, and it has everything in the world in it OTHER than cookies, but when there are cookies in it, they're pretty good! They aren't my favorite shortbread cookie, but at the end of the day, they get the job done.

    16. Girl Scout Shortbread/Trefoils

    Girl Scout Shortbread cookies
    Girl Scouts of the United States of America / Via

    I know these are pretty basic in the cookie world because they're just classic shortbread, but they're still good! Sometimes less is more, and that's exactly why these cookies are in the top 20. 

    15. Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies

    Chessmen butter edition

    Another plain shortbread cookie, but despite that, they're still fantastic. 

    14. Chips Ahoy Chewy

    Chips Ahoy Chewy
    Nabisco/ Mondelez International / Via

    I do like these, but they definitely aren't the best chocolate chip cookie out there, although they also aren't the worst. 

    13. Oreo Double Stuf

    Doublle Stuf Oreo packaging
    Nabisco/ Mondelez International / Via

    I mean, they're still great because it's an Oreo, but the double-stuffed ones just have way too much creme IMO.

    12. Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Famous Amos cookies
    The Ferrero Group / Via

    You just can't go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie! They're good. They're not great, but they get the job done. 

    11. Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Tate's Bake Shop Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Tates Bake Shop / Via

    A standard chocolate chip cookie! They're definitely a go-to choice when I can't find ones I like better. 

    10. Entenmann's Milk Chocolate Chip cookies

    Entenmann's Milk Chocolate Chip cookies
    Entenmann's/ Bimbo Bakeries USA / Via

    I'm usually a fan of crunchier chocolate chip cookies, but I'll make an exception for these. 

    9. Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Mrs. Fields Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Mrs. Fields Gifting and Licensing / Via

    You just can't go into the mall without being enticed by the smell of these delicious treats. Even the store-brought ones do so much justice for the brand! I'm actually really craving some as I write this, so let's wrap this up so I can get some!

    8. Pillsbury Holiday Sugar Cookies

    Pillsbury Holiday Sugar Cookies
    General Mills / Via

    These cookies are some of the bests parts of the holidays. Whenever I see these in the store, I just know that good times are coming! Not only do these taste great, but they also remind me of great memories, and what could be better than that? 

    7. Chips Ahoy Original

    Chips Ahoy Original flavor
    Nabisco/ Mondelez International / Via

    These are definitely one of the best crunchy chocolate chip cookies out there! I just know that I can grab a box of these during my Target run and never be disappointed.

    6. Nutter Butter

    Nutter Butter cookies
    Nabisco/ Mondelez International / Via

    Other than homemade peanut butter cookies, Nutter Butters definitely take the lead in the PB cookie category. I love peanut butter, and I love cookies. This is just the best of both worlds.

    5. Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies - Thiny & Crispy

    Choosing which chocolate chip cookie was better between these and Chips Ahoy was hard, but these just take the cake! They're definitely some of the best store-brand chocolate chip cookies out there. They're thin, crunchy, and the chocolate to cookie ratio works out well.

    4. Keebler Fudge Stripes Cookies

    Keebler fudge stripes cookies
    Keebler/ The Ferrero Group / Via

    These cookies are delectable, and it would be a disservice to rank them any lower than the top four! The cookie to chocolate ratio is nearly perfect, and you just can't go wrong with them. I can't really find any flaws here, TBH. 

    3. Original Oreo

    Original Oreos
    Nabisco/Mondelez International / Via

    Classic Oreos. You just can't go wrong with these delicious sandwich cookies. Paired with a glass of cold milk, they're nearly perfect. There's obviously a reason as to why they're marketed as milk's favorite cookie! 

    2. Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Nestlé Toll House chocolate chip cookies
    Nestlé / Via

    These are a true gift from the heavens above! If I didn't have to spend time baking these, then they just might be number one. But they're still placing pretty high on this list because they're just that good. They're such a classic, and you literally can't go wrong. Even if you burn them a bit, they're still fantastic!

    Take a wild guess as to what number one is going to be!

    AdWeek / Via

    Here's a hint: They're hands down the best cookie to dunk in a cold glass of milk! 

    1. Golden Oreos

    Golden Oreo
    Nabisco/ Mondelez International 2021 / Via

    If you guessed Golden Oreos, then you're entirely correct. If you didn't, then you might need to reevaluate your tastes in cookies, my friend. These are hands down the best cookie on the market! This may be an unpopular opinion, but these taste wayyyyy better than the regular Oreos, and the quicker you come to terms with that, the better!  Extra points if they're the thin Golden Oreos!

    There you have it! At the end of the day, cookies are still a top-tier dessert, and they're all special in their own way. I'm looking forward to seeing how much you all agree (or more likely disagree) with my ranking. Let me know how you would rank these cookies in the comments below!

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