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    People Are Sharing The Stories Where Their Friends Stabbed Them In The Back And I Can't Believe The Audacity

    "I found out the godfather of my son slept with my wife and she was pregnant with twins. They weren't mine."

    Unfortunately, just about everyone has a story where someone they considered a true friend proved them wrong and ultimately stabbed them in the back.

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    Warning: There are mentions of bullying and suicide/self-harm in this post. 

    That's why, when Reddit user u/NoctisCaelus asked, "People who have had 'friends' stab you in the back, what's the story?" people had plenty of stories to share.

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    So, here are 23 stories where people were completely betrayed by those they considered to be their friends:

    1. "I made plans to go see a movie with my friends for my 16th birthday and planned it weeks in advance. Everybody bailed the day before/of, but I decided to see the movie still. I ran into my whole group of friends leaving the movie theater while I was buying popcorn."

    2. "I had my 17th birthday and invited my mates to go get a drink at a bar. Everyone accepted, but no one came. After a few hours of drinking alone and phone calls not being answered, I saw on Instagram that they were having a good time at an electro-party. Apparently, they were pregaming without me and spontaneously decided to go to this event and forget about me. Everyone said sorry, but it still haunts me. I haven't celebrated my birthday ever since."

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    3. "There was a group of six of us, and the other five decided they didn't want to live with me anymore. Now this would've been absolutely fine, but we spoke about getting a house for next year, and they all said, 'Yeah, we should all start looking soon.' What they hadn't told me was that they had secretly gone off and signed for a house without me."

    "It wasn't until months later when one of them got drunk and felt guilty enough to tell me what happened. By this point, everyone I knew had already sorted out their living arrangements. I ended up alone and paying more than I otherwise would. If they had just told me instead of repeatedly lying to my face, I could have made arrangements with my other friends. I should have seen it coming, though. They did lots of things like this. I put it down to paranoia at the time, but these "friends" were excluding me deliberately from a lot of things."


    4. "My best friend stopped talking to me after my dad died and took the whole friend group with him. Apparently, I was 'too emotional.'"

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     "I was 13, and having my entire friend group walk away from me when I was in such a shitty place stuck with me forever." 


    5. "I asked two of my friends if they wanted to live together in college. Then one of them asked another person in our friend group if he wanted to join in. They asked another and another after that. And then once there were too many people for one apartment, they dropped me out of it."

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    "I'm no longer 'friends' with any of them, and it was kinda a wake-up call though because I definitely gave way too much of myself to those people, not knowing that I was the most expendable one. It really taught me to not put others on a pedestal, and to respect myself more. Also, it has since led to me developing far more healthy relationships that bring me a lot of happiness."


    6. "I had a whole group of friends in high school who, one day out of nowhere, turned against me and brought the entire group with them. No one spoke to me, and it was extremely cold for a good six months. I even got calls from one girl every day from a blocked number telling me to kill myself. It wasn't until a group project started and the group said, 'Wow, you're really not like how X and Y said you were.' They never told me what was said, so to this day, I have no idea what the hell happened there."


    7. "I had one friend, and I was bullied by everyone else in elementary school. We only played outside of school because they would be bullied, too, when they hung out with me at school. One day, a popular kid asked to play with me during recess. I was ecstatic! Until after a while, they said, 'You're not as bad as your friend said you are.' And that's how I learned WHY I was bullied."

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    8. "I had a best friend that I knew for 16 years. She got pregnant, and her parents tried to kick her out because they wanted her to get an abortion, but she refused. One of our high school friends told me someone should push her down a flight of stairs so she could miscarry. I told her that's a very bad idea and defended my best friend. The next day, the principal came by my class to ask me if I could attend a meeting about something important. If I didn't attend, I was going to be expelled. When I arrived at the meeting, our shared friend claimed I was going to shove my best friend down the stairs so she could miscarry. My best friend believed her. We stopped talking after that."


    9. "We'd been very good friends for over two years. Their roommate moved out, and they asked me if I want to move into their spare room. I was very happy to live with my good friends, and I did everything I could to be the best roommate possible. After three weeks, they found another source of income and kicked me out."

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    "First, they offered to help me find another accommodation, but the next day they changed their mind and just told me to leave by the end of the month (it was seven days until the end of the month). They didn't speak to me ever again. When we met somewhere in town, they acted as if they have never seen me before. I have no fucking idea what I did wrong." 


    10. "My husband and I had a friend who we helped get back on his feet. We paid off some tickets he had, got his license reinstated, hooked him up with a solid connection for a reasonable car, and gave him a place to live and a job. He decided it was a better choice to tell all of our customers that we were overcharging them, and he'd do the jobs cheaper if they'd bring it to him at his house."

    "This was a short time after he moved out of our house. BTW, never repaying anything he owed us. It broke my heart." 


    11. "My wife said she needed some time for herself, so she went to stay at her mom’s for a while. One day I went to pick up my kids and walked in on her and my best friend having sex. It turns out it had been going on for several months before I found out, and she knew him before she knew me."

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    "I had no clue that she knew him. This happened nearly 16 years ago now. It was a very dark period in my life, but I’m great now. I got two great kids out of the relationship. I wouldn’t have met my current wife if this hadn’t happened. Also, I believe I’m a stronger person having gone through the whole ordeal."


    12. "I had a good bud of mine who's the godfather of my son. He lived with my wife and me. I traveled a lot for work and was out of the country for about six months in the Middle East. I came back and found out she was pregnant — with twins. They weren't mine."

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    13. "In 2014, I woke up in horrible pain and ended up needing emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder. I was a single mom to two kids, both under 5 years old, and had just moved back to my hometown. I had a really close family friend who ended up homeless, so I bought him an $80 bus ticket and let him stay with me for a few days. He found another place to stay, but I still invited him to my son's birthday party. Four days out from surgery, he offered to go and pick up pizza and cake. A few days later, I go to give my grandma my food stamps card, and I realize the guy never gave it back to me."

    "I forgot he even had it since I was all doped up on pain meds from surgery. I tried calling him like five times, and he didn't answer, so I get onto my account online to check my balance, and he took everything. I had like $600 in cash and then I had like $750 in food stamps. All of it was gone. The girl he was staying with convinced him to steal my money. I'd only used the money to buy the bus ticket, pizza, and cake for my son since I'd been in the hospital for the first four days of the year and only home for two after that.

    It is still to this day the most intentionally fucked up thing anyone has ever done to me, mostly because it was such a huge fuck you to my kids. Like who steals from a single mom recovering from life-saving surgery on her kid's birthday? Especially after I helped him! Like holy shit."


    14. "I had a friend from high school till about four years ago. He was a very close friend, and one day, he confided in my boyfriend (now husband) and me that his roommate was moving out to live with his girlfriend and wouldn't make rent that month. My boyfriend and I had an apartment lease ending, so we decided we could help and move in. We lived there for about two months, and we find out we're having a baby. It was a happy scenario as our roommate had informed us he wishes to turn over the lease for the house to us to move back in with his parents. The day before we're set to meet up with the landlord, we come home to an eviction notice on the door, and all of our roommate's stuff is moved out."

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    "We call him, and there's no answer. We call the number on the eviction notice from the landlord and find out he lied and never told the landlord anything; he wouldn’t even work with us at all, just said we have 30 days to GTFO. The roommate had been pocketing our rent money for months. We had 30 days to unexpectedly find a new place, pay first and last months and a security deposit, and move in the middle of Michigan winter, while pregnant... Fucking piece of shit."


    15. "In college, my best friend and I had an art class together with a guy I was hanging out with on the regular. We were getting to know each other to see if there was anything more there. We messed around and had fun for a bit. It was nothing formal, but we communicated daily. We were more than friends, but not a dedicated couple. One day, I stopped by his house after a morning class. I knocked on the door, and there was no answer, so I let myself in to leave him a note. Well, my best friend's purse was on the chair by the door."

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    "Nobody answered when I called out his name or hers, but his car was there, so I know they were there. I got back at her, though. Almost 20 years later, she sent me a friend request on Facebook, and I denied it. Take that, Jessica!"


    16. "Several years ago, I moved to Florida. Almost immediately after I met a friend, he was a great guy (so I thought), and we'd constantly hang out/ he'd show me around the town/this state, etc. About a year and a half of knowing him, he stole a couple of my credit cards and racked up really big bills. Unfortunately for me, and I know this now but didn't then, I simply thought calling the credit card company to report your card stolen and canceling the account also vacated the charges. That's not true, you actually have to contest the charges separately formally, and you only have 60 days. By the time I realized this, it was too late. I tried, in vain, to semi-reconcile with him to try to get a payment plan. He begged me not to call the police. I regret now that I didn't. I did believe that he had fallen on hard times, and he would get back on his feet and try to repay me."

    "That didn't happen. Although, he did get arrested later on for other things. I figured that would have been the best time to try to recoup the money lost. I did try instead to take him to small claims court. I realize that civil court is not criminal, but I might stand a better chance at looking much better with him now being a convicted felon. Instead, when we got to court, he denied everything, said everything was a gift, and completely slandered me in open court. He was allowed to get away with it beyond me, but that case was dismissed: I got nothing.

    My credit suffered for years because of that. I eventually did save up enough money to file for bankruptcy just to get rid of that debt that I couldn't repay. I have never really forgiven him for what he did to me. The bankruptcy did eliminate that debt, so I cannot (and will not) ever say he owes me anything monetarily. But, he owes me a huge apology."


    17. "My wife and I were having issues, and we decided to try a trial separation. My high school friend then slept with my wife two days after we separated."

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    "Both my best friend in high school and my first wife were narcissists. At the time, I thought it was backstabbing, but years later realize it was a gift, as I had a reason to cut two toxic people out of my life."


    18. "My 'best friend' would tell guys to act like they liked me to prove that I would like anyone who showed interest in me. This went on for a couple of years, and her and her sister kept track of it in a book."

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    19. "I decided to be friends with this girl who was crying, and it went okay at first. Then she started to show signs of being toxic. She wouldn't let me hang out with anyone else, and when I had to use the bathroom and said I would be right back, she started to cry and said I would leave her. Being naive, I decided to stay with her. This continued until she literally punched one of my friends cause I decided to hang out with them for a day instead of her."

    "I tried to break it off, but then she wouldn't let me. She eventually threatened to kill me, and our parents got involved along with the principal too."


    20. "I went to Korea for a year with the military straight out of training. I had been dating this girl since high school, and it was going pretty well. We still talked while I was in Korea, just not as much due to the time problems. While I was over there, we decided to take a break because it was hard for me to talk to her on my schedule and the same for her. We still talked occasionally, just not as much. Then I went to do some field training with my platoon, and EVERYTHING went downhill from there."

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    "I stopped talking to her except for once every few days; then it just changed to once a week maybe. We took a mutual break in the relationship during that time. A few months later, and we were out of the field, I decided to send her a text to see how she was doing, and it turned out she was seeing someone else. I was sad, but I understood why she would do that. Then while I was talking to her, saying it's okay and I knew it would happen, she dropped the bomb that it was one of my good friends from high school she was with now. 

    The second she said that all these memories started flowing back to me about him talking to her more while I was gone and my buddies saying they talked more and were hanging out more often. Shit was the biggest backstab of my young life."


    21. "In seventh grade, my 'friend' wrote a 10-page letter on all the reasons I should kill myself and had all but one of my other friends sign in agreement after I confided in her that I felt something was wrong with me. It was early undiagnosed depression, go figure."

    "The day she gave it to me was arguably the worst day of my life at that point because my parents told my sister and me that they were considering divorce, and my grandmother died." 


    22. "My boyfriend and I were having problems and were on and off for a while. My friend would reach out to me to find out 'how I was doing' and ask about our relationship. We had broken things off, and the next day, she posts a picture of her in his lap on social media. They're married now."

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    "I laugh about it now because I’ve found a great guy, and we’re getting married next year, but it sucks to lose a friend that way. We were friends since third grade. What really sucks is that I miss her sometimes, but then I remember what a shitty friend she was. It’s not so much that they ended up together, but the way she went about it. I could’ve made peace with it if she had just been honest with me and not tried to weasel her way in by asking about the status of our relationship. And if she could’ve given it more than a day before making her move." 


    23. And finally, "In high school, my then best friend stole my prom date during prom and then spent the night with him at my house."

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    "So much ouch."


    Do you have any wild stories where you were stabbed in the back by someone you called your friend? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity. is an organization that provides resources to prevent harassment and bullying against children. Stomp Out Bullying offers a free and confidential chat line here.

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.orgThe Trevor Project, which provides help and suicide-prevention resources for LGBTQ youth, is 1-866-488-7386. You can also text TALK to 741741 for free, anonymous 24/7 crisis support in the US and UK from the Crisis Text Line.

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