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    Updated on Jul 25, 2020. Posted on Jul 25, 2020

    I Rewatched All Of "Degrassi: The Next Generation" And Here Are The Top Ten Friendships

    These friendships took "whatever it takes" literally! “This is for the Editorial Fellowship.”

    Over quarantine, I was binge-watching shows left and right to manage my boredom. Almost every show that has been in the top 10 list on Netflix over the last few months has been watched and I was looking for something new and exciting.

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    Then I saw a tweet about "Degrassi" and suddenly I was hit with flashbacks of me watching the episodes on TV when I was in middle school. I looked online everywhere to find where I could watch the whole series and finally stumbled across it on Amazon Prime Video. Once I found it, I was ready to binge-watch yet another TV show.

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    After spending a couple of weeks streaming seasons 1-14, I got to know every friendship there was, and here's my list of the top ten.

    The N

    1. Emma and Manny

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    A classic friendship! Emma and Manny have been friends from the very beginning of the series. Since grade 7, these two always stuck by each other's side. Even though they hit some bumps in the road of their friendship, they always came back together and made it through some of the biggest obstacles and transitions of their lives. From pregnancy scares to liking the same boy to weddings, Manny and Emma proved that nothing could ever tear them apart. I admired their friendship so much because even when they were mad at each other if one of them was in need, the other would always be there. They were never afraid to call each other out when in the wrong and everyone needs a good friend that'll do that for them.

    2. Alli and Clare

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    Alli and Clare are Degrassi veterans. Going all the way back to season 8 the duo started off as two completely different people and I believe that their friendship with one another is the main reason why they turned out to be such amazing women at the end. They went through high school together and stayed by each other's side the entire time. While watching, I did notice the dynamic in their friendship shifting a bit, which is natural for any high school friends, but I think those shifts made them come back stronger and stronger each time. It would be one thing if they let those small breaks keep them apart but they never did. Their friendship was just like any real-life friendship but they never let their hardships break them apart for good.

    3. Holly J and Fiona

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    These two started off completely different than the previously listed friendships. Holly J and Fiona actually didn't like each other at all when Fiona and her twin brother, Declan, transferred to Degrassi Community School in season 9. Fiona didn't approve of Holly J dating her brother and that fueled their feud more and more. In season 10, things took a turn and their friendship began to blossom. They soon became best friends and even roommates. They have faced many setbacks together and I believe that them overcoming some of the very difficult hardships they went through made them a stronger friendship in end. Let's not forget that Fiona was willing to give her kidney to Holly J and if that's not a true friend then I don't know what is.

    4. J.T. and Toby

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    J.T. and Toby were the best boy friendship of the entire show in my opinion. They had such awesome chemistry when they hung out and they grew up together (until J.T. was taken away from us way too soon 😭). During their time as friends, they went through some rough patches but those are normal for any adolescent. You can see them develop throughout their seasons which leads to their friendship being more mature and stable. Toby was there for J.T. when he was going through all of the drama with Liberty and their baby. J.T. was willing to run for president just to take Ashley down for Toby. They always had each other's backs and it was nice to see their bond still going strong after everything they've been through.

    5. Eli and Fiona

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    Eli and Fiona's friendship wasn't as in your face as the others in my opinion. It was more random and unexpected, but it worked. They were so underrated, and I wish they got more screen time. Despite that, they still rank in my top Degrassi friendships after all these years. They both went through some MAJOR difficulties in their lives and always knew how to make each other smile through their lonely stages. When one was in a trying time or moment of sadness, the other would always be the voice of reason and would talk them out of it. Their love for visual arts was also very refreshing and stood out to me since they directed Love Roulette.

    6. Drew and Dallas

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    Yet another underrated friendship in my opinion. Drew and Dallas were one of the stronger friendships of their season. Their bond has much more meaning than just the average high school friendship. They were always there to lend a helping hand to each other and always had fun together. These two were more than friends, they were like brothers. I enjoyed watching them grow up and become more mature as their seasons went on. They learned and experienced so much together which ultimately made them grow closer. Drew and Dallas both went through some huge life-changing events and when they occurred, they were always the first person they could rely on for help, guidance, and support. That's a true friendship.

    7. Jake and Mo

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    This friendship was another that I didn't expect to like so much. Jake and Mo started hanging out because their girlfriends, Marisol and Katie were best friends. They soon began bonding on their own and thus one of Degrassi's best bromances was born. Towards the end of their time at Degrassi, Mo was worried that Jake wasn't going to want to continue their friendship after graduation but didn't want to share that in fear that it would be weird. In the end, Jake reassures Mo that he does want to continue their friendship after high school. This is very accurate to what a lot of high school friendships feel when thinking about the transition to college. I appreciated how real their friendship was and how relatable it was to real-life and to my life. Not a lot of friendships make it out of high school, but the real ones do.

    8. Imogen and Becky

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    This friendship was one that I never saw coming. Imogen and Becky had very different personalities and they even had a "rivalry" when they both liked Adam (R.I.P Adam😭) but somehow, they ended up becoming best friends and one of my favorites on the show. I appreciated how they got past such a difficult time when dealing with Adam's death and how that helped them blossom into this beautiful friendship. These two were from completely different backgrounds and had different views on life and instead of that making them clash, it made them come together. They taught each other so much and loved each other unconditionally. What more could you ask for in a friend?

    9. Darcy and Manny

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    Darcy and Manny's friendship was similar to an on-again-off-again couple. They were friends, then they weren't, and then they were. Despite the ups and downs of their friendship, these two showed true love for one another in the end. They have both made their fair share of mistakes, but they never judged each other for any of them. Darcy and Manny proved that even when you fight with a friend if they need you, you'll be there. I appreciated how this duo showed their growth and maturity not just as friends but as people. Manny was the first one to know about Darcy's rape and helped her through that and through her suicide attempt. The ultimate duty of a friend is to pick your head up when your down and Manny and Darcy definitely did that for each other.

    10. Clare, Adam, and Eli

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    Last but not least we have my favorite trio of Degrassi kids, Clare, Adam, and Eli. They were such an amazing dynamic, and all had different personalities yet found a way to become one of the best friendships Degrassi has ever seen. They made sure each other felt heard, seen, loved, and validated. That's the whole purpose of a true friend and these three were true friends to one another. They trusted each other and lent a helping hand to guide through their hardships whether they be mental illness or gender identity. It's important to find friends who accept you for who you are and this trio, also known as The Misfits, was a prime example of that.

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