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23 Signs You Grew Up On Long Island

If you know what Ralph's is, you probably did.

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1. You grew up ON Long Island, not IN Long Island.

2. You spent your summers at Jones Beach.

3. And have seen at least one concert at the theater there.

4. You celebrated Ralph's opening like a holiday and cried when it closed for the season.


5. You loved Billy Joel because he grew up here, too.

6. And have probably visited his motorcycle shop in Oyster Bay.

7. You've been to more Sweet 16's and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs than you can count.

8. You refer to Manhattan as "the city" and it's only a train ride away.

9. You can pronounce all of the weird town names.

10. You drive to Massapequa just to get All American.

11. And if you go to All American, you obviously need to go to Marshall's for ice cream next door.

12. You know Long Island has the best bagels and pizza.

13. You have a favorite diner that you go to often.

14. You've probably been to BLI Summer Jam.

15. You love going to Splish Splash and Adventureland with friends during the summer.

16. You hate the LIE and the LIRR.

17. You've visited the Montauk Lighthouse and have always wondered about Camp Hero.

18. Every fall, you go "out east" to go apple and pumpkin picking.

19. You or one of your friends played lacrosse in high school.

20. You know what "the duck" is and have visited it before.

21. You've tried to find (or have seen) the Amityville Horror House.

22. You've referred to it as "Strong Island".

23. You love everything about it here.

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