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Here Are Some Handy Color Charts For Your Burger King-Induced Green Poop

Because NOBODY wants to see your poop but everybody wants to know what color it is...

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The black bun from Burger King's Halloween-themed Whopper is turning people's poop all kinds of green.

The culprit.
Burger King

The culprit.

And while some over-sharers are blasting pictures of their poop all over the internet, others are rightfully refusing to. Because, unless it's for a health reason, it's NOT OKAY TO TAKE AND SHARE PHOTOS OF HUMAN SHIT.

Yep @BurgerKing it sure does turn your shit green! I won't post a poop picture.

That doesn't mean we aren't curious about the specific SHADE of green leaving your body. This Twitter user found a pretty good work around.

Im not going to post a picture of my Halloween Whopper poop but I'm not above using the color picker in paint and posting it here

But all GI tracts are not made equal. Instead they're as varied and unique as the stars in the sky. To help find the green that fits you, here are some handy color charts.

1. The paint store.

Benjamin Moore

2. The creatively titled.

3. The Crayola.

4. And the impressively detailed (for the tetrachromats out there).

Move over pizza rat, I think we all know what's this year's hot Halloween costume...

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