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    Push-Ups And Politics: Gov. Bobby Jindal Vs. The Issues

    "Let's put politics and push-ups to the test."

    Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told us he's in pretty good shape. So we asked him if he'd be up for a good old-fashioned push-up contest.

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    But to raise the stakes a little bit, we had him face off against his fiercest political rivals.

    His first challenger? The always ready to rumble Taxes.

    Up next? Obamacare. Who was all business.

    Hyphenated Americans showed up to settle a personal vendetta.

    And, of course, Gov. Jindal's ultimate nemesis, his 2009 State of the Union response speech. An adversary of his own making.

    The competition was HEATED.

    In the end, it came down to the governor and his 2009 SOTU response speech. Duking it out. Mano a mano. Just. Going. HAM.

    Who won? Well, if you watched the video I think you'd say...we all did.