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Eleven Reasons To Volunteer At Detroit Partnership Day

Detroit Partnership Day is the largest service-learning event at the University of Michigan. Approximately 1,400 students volunteer at different sites around the city at this annual event hosted by the student-run, 501(c)3 nonprofit, Detroit Partnership. Learn more:

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2. You will meet new communities.

Maria Dambriunas

There are many incredible grassroots initiatives underway in Detroit. DP Day volunteers will have the privilege of working at one of approximately 20-30 sites with community partners located throughout the city.

4. We've been featured in TWO documentaries.

Colas / Via

Episode Three of "Detroit in Overdrive" (Discovery Channel)

"The Road to School"

5. It's an opportunity to bond with your student organization.

Scott Mansfield

Are you part of a student organization, fraternity/sorority, or just have a great group of friends? Volunteer together at a DP Day site!

7. Local celebrities will be in attendance.

Sophie Jantz

Past attendees include local spoken word artists (Walter Lacy), musical artists (FowL), Detroit Free Press journalists (Stephen Henderson), local congressmen, and Michigan Football Legend Lloyd Carr.

11. Become part of a movement.

Sophie Jantz / Via

The mission of DP Day is to serve as a catalyst for further student involvement with the Detroit community. While the event is one day, we believe that DP Day can spark long-term engagement with the city.

After DP Day, volunteers can continue their service-learning experience in Detroit through Detroit Partnership Weekly Programs, Semester in Detroit, and other avenues at the University of Michigan.

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