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10 Playground Games That Are Just Bizarre When You Think About It

When you think about it, some kids games are kind of...unusual. Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme encourages all sorts of play, supplying a range of sporting and cooking equipment to schools nationwide.

1. Stuck in the Mud

2. Off-Ground Touch

3. Duck, Duck, Goose

4. Red Rover

5. Kiss Chase

6. Seven Up

7. Telling Someone You "Love" Them

8. Army

9. Forty-Forty (or Runouts)


One guy closes his eyes and counts to sixty while the rest run and hide. After a minute, the catcher opens their eyes and goes to find them, with their aim to be to get back to the designated "home" without being caught. This game was always ruined by the fact that the unscrupulous would PAY MONEY to the catcher to let them go free and there'd always be a few slick kids who'd hide extremely close to the base and win the game in like, thirty seconds. Like, seriously lads, what's the point in that?

10. Thumb War

The Sainsbury's Active Kids scheme allows you to collect vouchers and hand them to your school or local group, who can exchange them for an exciting range of active and cooking equipment and experiences. Visit the Active Kids site to learn more.

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