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Parenting Hacks To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Every parent knows the key to healthy happy kids is a balanced diet and activity. Sainsbury's Active Kids has got the school bit covered, so here are some hacks to help you at home.

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1. Get them to grow their own. / Via

Get them to save the tomato seeds from their meals and dry them for two to three weeks on some kitchen towel. Next, plant them in some potting compost, in a pot with the child's name on it, and make it their job to water the plant.

This will help them make a connection between where food comes from and their dinner.

5. Freeze tubes of yogurt and serve up instead of ice cream.

Getty Images/iStockphoto arinahabich / Via

Or make your own by freezing a tube of plain natural yogurt overnight and blending with fresh or frozen fruit. If you'd rather have it plain, you'll need to check on the yogurt every hour or so and stir it to break up the ice crystals that form as it freezes.

6. Make the kids choose the family's exercise. / Via

Many councils offer free days out, cheap gyms, swimming, kids clubs, and subsidised health, fitness, and dance classes. Let your child choose a thing they want to try, and they'll be more likely to stick with it.

10. Keep them regular with pancakes.

If your kids are fibre-food-phobic, make buckwheat or wholewheat pancakes for breakfast one morning, and serve with grilled apple slices.

13. Find exercise that suits their hobbies. / Via

A loud, hyper kid may enjoy a karate class, but your bookish son would rather eat his own hair than go. Instead, plan things like nature walks, literary tours, yoga, or a game of bowling.

16. Serve up dips. / Via

Home-made hummus (just throw a can of chick peas, some tahini, lemon juice, and olive oil into a blender), peanut butter, or guacamole (mash an avocado with some fat-free soft cheese) make quick and easy dips to serve with vegetable slices. Also, ketchup counts as one of your five-a-day (we're serious).

18. Make it a game. / Via

While many parents would rather stick a spoon in their eye than take the kids food shopping, try taking them to a local ethnic grocer once a month and let them pick out an unusual fruit or vegetable. It's then their job to "research" on the internet what it is, and how you're going to cook it. The only rule is everyone has to give it a try.

What are your favourite parenting hacks that help inspire children to lead healthier lives?

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