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Kids Who’ve Already Done Better Than You Will In Your Entire Life

Think you're winning at life? You've got nothing on these guys. Active Kids are happy kids. And these guys are really winning.

1. This hero, who rules at basketball so completely, he doesn't even need to look where he's shooting.

2. This girl, who's just going her own way, and you're just gonna have to deal with it.

3. This guy, who will just take over the entire dance floor.

4. (Except for this dance floor, of course. This one's taken.)

5. (And this one.)

6. This kid has already reached and breached levels of cool you can't even dream of.

7. This kid, who can transform into a car faster than you can transform into a car.

8. Let's be honest, this kid deserves this sweet ride because he can 100% drive it better than you can.

9. Or aim so good it hurts?

10. Do you have to scratch your own back?

11. Does your cat think you're worth high-fiving?

12. This kid did so much skiing on holiday, he fell asleep while skiing. Have you ever fallen asleep while doing extreme sports?

Kids don't want to sit around watching telly. Find out how Sainsbury's Active Kids helps children to eat well, move well, and live well.

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Just collect as many Active Kids vouchers as possible when you shop at Sainsbury's to donate to your local school or group. Then they will exchange them for an exciting range of active and cooking equipment, and experiences. Visit the site to find out more.