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10 Modern Day Renaissance Men

To be a true Renaissance man, you have to be an all around badass. And as the father of old school tattooing, a poet, a sailor, and a musician, Sailor Jerry did it all. Take a look at some other modern day men who can do it all and more.

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  • 1. James Franco

    1. James Franco

    Being a devilishly handsome actor is one thing, but did you know, James is also an accomplished painter and writer? And he even teaches a class at NYU!

  • James Teaching:

    James Teaching:

  • 2.Viggo Mortensen

    2.Viggo Mortensen

    Viggo Mortensen doesn't just act, he paints, writes poetry, and is a talented photographer. His paintings have been featured in galleries around the world, and were also used as the work of the artist he portrayed in A Perfect Murder.

  • Viggo's Art:

    Viggo's Art:

  • 3. Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins

    3. Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins

    Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins accomplished many things during his lifetime. Not only was he the father of old-school tattooing, a poet and a musician, but he was also an innovator. He was a strong advocate of making needle sterilization a standard practice in the tattoo industry. And to this day, his legacy is kept alive by the rum named in his honor. To find out more about this legend and true Renaissance man, visit

  • Sailor's Art:

    Sailor's Art:

  • 4. Steve Jobs

    4. Steve Jobs

    Dubbed the da Vinci of our time, Steve really did it all. As the visionary behind the Apple empire, he transformed four industries which is something more than just luck and talent - it's genius!

  • Steve's Vision:

    Steve's Vision:

  • 5. Ryan Gosling

    5. Ryan Gosling

    Not only is Ryan Gosling talented and good looking, but he is also a modern day hero of sorts. Back in August, he was spotted in the village breaking up a fight between two men who had gotten into an altercation over a painting.

  • Ryan Being Heroic:

  • 6. Pharrell Williams

    6. Pharrell Williams

    As an artist, designer, branding wizard, musician and entrepreneur, is there anything that Pharrell can't do? This mogul has built an empire and a name for himself in just about every industry possible.

  • Pharrell's Brands: BBC & Ice Cream

    Pharrell's Brands: BBC & Ice Cream

  • 7. Justin Timberlake

    7. Justin Timberlake

    As a musician, singer, actor, clothing designer, producer, writer, golfer and philanthropist, JT is the definition of a modern day Renaissance Man.

  • Justin As Sean Parker In "The Social Network"

    Justin As Sean Parker In "The Social Network"

  • 8. Hugh Jackman

    8. Hugh Jackman

    Aside from being a talented actor, singer and Broadway star, he's even used his personal Twitter account for charity. Jackman posted on his Twitter that he would donate $100,000 to one user's favorite non-profit organization. In April of 2009, he revealed his decision to donate $50,000 to Charity: Water and $50,000 to Operation of Hope.

  • Hugh On Broadway

    Hugh On Broadway

  • 9. Bono

    9. Bono

    Aside from being the front man of one of the most successful bands in the world, Bono has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and named the most politically effective celebrity of all time.

  • Bono's “RED” Charity Campaign

    Bono's “RED” Charity Campaign

  • 10. Brad Pitt

    10. Brad Pitt

    Not only is Brad an Academy Award nominated actor, but he also has a strong interested in architecture and design. In 2006, he founded the Make It Right organization, which organized housing professionals in New Orleans to finance and construct 150 sustainable, affordable new houses in New Orleans following the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.

  • Brad's Real Passion

    Brad's Real Passion