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13 Things That Are Worth The Same Amount As The Chennai Super Kings, Apparently

You should be able to afford a lot of things if you can afford an IPL team. Not if that team is CSK, though.

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Wrong. According to reports, the CSK side was recently valued at all of ₹5 Lakh by its owners, India Cements.

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A few months ago, the Supreme Court had stated that board officials could not own IPL teams. The then BCCI President/India Cements owner N. Srinivasan was, thus, forced to sell the franchise to a subsidiary. It was also stipulated that 5% of the sale value was to be paid to the BCCI — a sum that turned out to be a grand total of ₹25,000, thanks to India Cements' most honest accountants.

1. Casting Shah Rukh Khan in your movie... for 12 seconds.

Yash Raj Films / Via

Taking a conservative ₹40 crore estimate for a 2.5 hour film... Yep, 12 seconds of SRK is all ₹5 lakh will buy you. 6 loops of this gif, if you will.


11. Hiring Falguni Pathak to perform 1/3rd her set during Navratri.

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She gets ₹16 lakhs a night(!) when festival season is on. Even 3 CSKs won't pay enough to hire this woman if the IPL opening ceremony was held during that time.

13. MS Dhoni in your team for 12 balls of an entire IPL season.

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CSK retained him in their team for $3 million this season. That's $3 million for 16 matches of 40 overs each. The CSK franchise is actually only worth 2 overs of their captain's time.

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