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7 Amazing Essays And Stories You Should Read From The Indian Internet This Week

Amongst other things, read about why Hrithik Roshan's reign as a superstar might be over, and how "interesting" is one of the most loaded compliments you can give a woman.

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1. Sankhayan Ghosh's damning piece on the death of Hrithik Roshan's career.

Stringer / AFP / Getty Images

You may or may not agree with it, but Ghosh lays out some compelling points about the actor's recent questionable choice of films in "Hrithik Roshan: A Fading Star" for Livemint.

2. Isha Purkayastha's clickworthy story on the state of entertainment reporting in India.

Str / AFP / Getty Images

Purkayastha talks to fellow Bollywood journalists about the business and ethics of celebrity coverage in "Reporting On Entertainment In The Age Of Katrina Kaif’s Abs" for The Quint.

3. Amitava Kumar's heartbreaking essay about watching Indian athletes struggle at the Olympics through the decades.

David Rogers / Getty Images

Kumar recounts the almost insurmountable odds most Indian athletes have to overcome, and also the unfair judgment passed on their performances, in a piece titled "The Agony And Ecstasy Of India At The Olympics" in The New Yorker.

4. Paromita Vohra's incisive piece on the use of the word "interesting" while complimenting women.

Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

Vohra's article "In The Interest Of Interesting Women" for Mumbai Mirror marvellously calls out the term for its double-edged connotations.

6. BBC's surprisingly captivating essay on the Indian barbershop.

Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

"Why The Indian Barbershop Is A Unique Institution" takes you on a vivid journey to a place different from any other in the world – the desi neighbourhood salon.

7. And Tunku Varadarajan's hilarious piece on the idea of India before its 70th year of independence.

Saurabh Singh / Via openthemagazine.com

From "aunty" to "Arnab", Varadarajan lists out the 70 terms that best define India in "India In 70 Ideas" for Open Magazine.

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