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    17 Times The Indian Education System Made You Go WTF

    Who signed off on this?

    1. When budding engineers were taught this super offensive mnemonic.

    2. When a government exam decided that nonsense celeb trivia was an important test of skills.

    3. When a Class 4 environmental studies textbook basically encouraged kids to kill an animal for an experiment.

    4. When a class 12 physical education textbook stated that 36-24-36 as the "shape of females considered the best.

    5. When Alok Nath made it to a random math problem.

    6. When a Mumbai University book listed this very relatable example.

    7. When a Class 12 Maharashtra Board textbook stated that "ugly" and "handicapped" girls are reasons for families seeking dowry.

    8. When a Class 6 textbook taught children that non-vegetarians were nothing but despicable sinners.

    9. When this colourism and classism made it to an elementary school textbook.

    10. When lesbianism was deemed unnatural and abnormal by a book suggested to students by AIIMS.

    This excerpt is from The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, and is recommended by their official syllabus.

    11. When students got an entire Rahul Gandhi hagiography to test their comprehension skills.

    12. When a Class 9 textbook casually stated that test tube babies were created in India 7,500 years ago, without debunking it.

    13. When rape-accused "godman" Asaram Bapu was listed as one's of the country's famous saints in a Class 3 textbook.

    14. When this zoology text went off on a religious tangent before getting to the actual point.

    15. When a Maharashtra University textbook gave students unscientific and totally superstitious instructions on conceiving a male child.

    16. When this Q and A section about convex and concave lenses decided to drop some knowledge about common sense too.

    17. And when one school made its students watch the PM on a holiday to quiz them on his speech.

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