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    15 Times India Proved That It Has The Most WTF Comics In The World

    Nagraj > All DC and Marvel superheroes.

    1. When Nagraj casually encouraged an angry mob to lynch a man to death.

    Raj Comics

    2. When some queens made the worst purchase decision of all time.

    3. When Amitabh Bachchan was a kilt-wearing, peanut-loving superhero.

    Star Comics

    4. And when Amitabh Bachchan rode a dolphin named Sonali.

    Star Comics

    5. When a train turned murderous.

    Raj Comics

    Hatyari Train literally translates to killer train.

    6. When Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man broke through the DC and Marvel universes to visit Nagraj for "some delightful moments".

    Raj Comics

    7. And when a guru proved to be more powerful than all those four superheroes combined.

    Raj Comics

    8. When Nagraj was a total dick to his date.

    Raj Comics

    9. When James Bond's date barely lived up to his high expectations.

    Everest Publications

    10. When someone invented a new word for "girl".

    Indrajal Comics

    11. When a trapeze artist found the worst time to propose to his girlfriend.

    She still said yes, don't worry.

    12. When a title was way misleading.

    Diamond Comics

    Literal Translation: Pinki's pussy.

    13. When racial slurs were tossed around willy-nilly.

    Amar Chitra Katha

    14. When someone had to make an entire comic book about how goddamn amazing a dosa was.

    Diamond Comics

    Literal Translation: Auntyji and her spectacular dosa.

    15. And when Dracula wore a diaper.

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