This Kolkata Woman Does The Most INSANE Cosplay In The Country, Like Holy Fucking Shit

    Mind. Blown.

    Meet artist Pracheta Banerjee, who works in Kolkata as an illustrator.

    But it's what she does in her free time that really makes her stand out... and how!

    Banerjee does, possibly, the most intense and detailed cosplay in India right now.

    She's been into comics and anime since she was a child, but only got into cosplay a few years ago.

    Each transformation can take hours of makeup, lighting, and set up, which Banerjee manages with the help of her sister, Poorna.

    The costumes are either ordered online or tailored locally.

    "I do it for people who feel that our 'looks' are 'limited'. I want it to be a message for all, that it isn't a limited universe, we can be whoever we want to be," Banerjee told BuzzFeed.

    "It's just like wearing different clothes, talking in a different tone, and changing our hairstyle can turn us into a different person. I work as an illustrator for that reason – to live in a world without limits, and where I can be myself," she added.

    You can follow Banerjee's work on Facebook.