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    Posted on 22 Sep 2016

    Indians Have Been Testing The New Google Assistant By Asking It Some Very Important Movie Questions

    Spoiler alert: It's failed to deliver... mostly.

    Google just launched Allo, its new messaging app, on September 21. But there's one feature in particular that has got a lot of people talking – Google Assistant.


    Google Assistant is an A.I. chat bot that tries to answer any question you type out by pulling information from the internet and other sources.

    While it was probably designed to handle queries involving the weather and such, a lot of Indians have tried to test Google Assistant's limits by using film references.

    And it's mostly failed to live up to the mark.

    Like, it really needs to brush up on its Indian movie knowledge.

    Having said that, there are some queries that it has delivered satisfactorily on...

    Including the one question that has left Indian moviegoers confounded since last year.

    Well, at least things can only get better from here.

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