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17 Oddball Moments From The 2015 Cricket World Cup

Sure, we saw some excellent performances. But this post is dedicated to the offbeat moments on the field.

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1. This girl's thoughts on her team's chances during the India-Pakistan game.

2. The worst chestbump of all time.

3. This guy who won a million dollars for taking a one-handed catch... with a woman faceplanting in front of him.

4. Or this guy who won a million dollars for taking a one-handed catch... with a fucking beer in his hand.

5. Shahid Afridi living the thug life.

6. Things going "tits up" for the Sky Sports censor department, thanks to Jimmy Adams.

7. Kevin O'Brien's celebration after dismissing Krishna Karate.

8. Kyle Coetzer almost beheading the square leg umpire.

9. Nasser Hussain making fun of "nutter" Shane Warne's tendency to always exaggerate Australia's chances.

"350 pitch? Bitch, please. 500, at least."

10. Dat Chris Gayle stare.

11. Mahela Jayawardene's bat breaking clean in half.

12. Mitchell McClenaghan forgetting how to bowl... or run... or stay standing.

13. Tinashe Panyangara turning into a trout.

14. This awkward press conference.

15. The new LED bails refusing to fall.

16. Shaun Pollock going full desi for this Sarfraz Ahmed six.

"Shot, yaar!"

17. And for the end of the last, this Rameez Raja brainfart.

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