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Shabana Azmi Mistakenly Referred To Poha As Upma And Twitter's Comedians Stepped In Beautifully

Humour is the real breakfast of champions.

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Taking a break from films, activism, and generally being awesome, Shabana Azmi is currently in Italy on what looks like a super fun holiday.

Of course, no holiday is complete without the customary breakfast photo, and Azmi tweeted hers yesterday. A nice, yummy panful of what she called "upma".

Upma cooked by Ketki for breakfast in Florence!Thats what u expect was the demand of the gujju ladies im with.No si…

Only, here's the thing – THAT ISN'T UPMA, MS. AZMI!

Like, it's close. But upma and poha are two very different beasts.
Twitter: @AzmiShabana

Like, it's close. But upma and poha are two very different beasts.

Now, in a perfect world, people would let a silly mistake like that go. Twitter, however, is far from the perfect world...

@coolfunnytshirt @AzmiShabana Mam it's good to have eggs in breakfast

So what Azmi actually got in return was a whole bunch of replies from trolls who, well... hilariously trolled her.

@AOdysseyJournal @insaneiyat @deepakkumar21 @coolfunnytshirt @AzmiShabana @HasnaZarooriHai @WittyFeed @delhichatter…

From people using her fam to sell the joke...

@AzmiShabana huge fan of javed sahab's poetry ma'm!

@deepakkumar21 @coolfunnytshirt @AzmiShabana @HasnaZarooriHai @WittyFeed @delhichatter @mrrajatkapoor…

To using other breakfast items against her...

@AzmiShabana Mam pls rate chicken tikka masala made by me.

@AzmiShabana I made this Doughnuts. How do they look ?

People have gone all in to leave her mentions lit since yesterday.

@AzmiShabana Huge fan of Justin Bieber ma'm, today got chance to play cricket with him.😂😂

@londonyogini786 @Bunga_Bunga_69 @AzmiShabana How would u rate my idli, dosa, wada?

It should be noted that some people did try to step in and offer a defence for her...

Hahahha. INSANE replies, but in poor Shabana's defence, the Tamilians call this Aval Upma anyway. It is Upma!

But even Azmi herself was too into the hundreds of jokes being made at her expense at that point to care.

The responses are hilarioys. Havent stopped laughing.. ofcourse its poha .. upma slipped out but has led to much en…

It's alright, Ms. R̷a̷t̷n̷a̷ ̷P̷a̷t̷h̷a̷k̷ ̷S̷h̷a̷h̷ Azmi. We've all been there.