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    People Are Outraged After An Indian Actor Compared Himself To A "Raped Woman"

    Bollywood actor Salman Khan is facing criticism for his insensitive comparison.

    Salman Khan is busy giving a barrage of interviews these days to promote his upcoming film Sultan, in which he plays an aging wrestler.


    In one such interview with SpotboyE, when asked about how tough the shoots were, Khan was quoted saying:

    Str / AFP / Getty Images

    Khan's comments haven't been received well by anyone, with the actor being berated for his insensitive comparison.

    These are actual words used by Salman Khan in an interview.

    And the outrage is only intensifying.

    In the same interview, Khan went on to compare women to vices.

    Getty Images

    "Leave every second vice in your list – that’s the mantra I follow. And I have left everything one by one. When it was between coffee and cigarettes, I quit coffee. Between cigarettes and drinks, I quit the stick. Between the drinks and women, I have chosen women. Ab iske baad duniya chhod do," Khan was quoted as saying.



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