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    Posted on 6 Jun 2016

    Anurag Kashyap's Response To The Censor Board's "Udta Punjab" Edits Is Pretty Darn Savage


    Earlier today, a Censor Board panel ordered over 80 cuts to the Anurag Kashyap-produced Udta Punjab, including refusal to approve any mention of Punjab, politics, or the upcoming elections.

    Balaji Motion Pictures

    The film focuses on the rampant drug problem that has been plaguing the state of Punjab for years.

    People have responded to the order with widespread disapproval.

    I think the drug problem is in the Censor Board.

    But, perhaps, the most savage response has just come from Kashyap himself:

    I always wondered what it felt like to live in North Korea .. Ab to plane pakadney ki bhi zaroorat nahin..

    Kashyap wrote, "I always wondered what it felt like to live in North Korea... Don't even need to catch a plane now.."

    He also had another tweet:

    Joseph Ka Mukadama was a Hindi play adaptation of which famous Czech novel?? We are back there 😳

    Joseph Ka Mukadma is a Hindi adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial, the story of a man arrested and prosecuted by an unknown authority, with neither the protagonist nor the reader being made aware of the crime committed.

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