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    Posted on 6 Jun 2016

    15 Justifiably Angry Tweets About The Censor Board Banning "Udta Punjab" From Mentioning Punjab

    "Freedom of speech di maa di."

    Last month, the Indian Censor Board refused to clear Abhishek Chaubey's Udta Punjab, a film centred around the state's drug crisis, unless 40 cuts were made before its release.

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    The cuts included expletives, visuals of drug consumption, and an entire song.

    The makers then approached a revising committee, which has now asked them to remove all references to Punjab and its cities, politics, and elections from the film.

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    According to an NDTV report, the film's title and focus on Punjab's drug problems have invited immense pressure from the state's ruling party, the Akali Dal, with assembly elections coming up soon.

    Twitter, of course, hasn't been able to handle the reasoning behind the new stipulations:


    Drugs are the number 1 problem in Punjab so you can't make a film about it as the ruling party views it as a threat. Fuck this censorship.




    Freedom of Speech Di Maa Di.


    Censor has asked for 89 cuts in #UdtaPunjab, all they allowed is 'balle bale makke di roti, haddipa bhangra pao ji'. That's real Punjab. No?


    Udta Punjab should be renamed to A movie has no name.


    I have a suspicion that censor board is using some of the drugs shown in Udta Punjab while watching Udta Punjab...


    They should release the movie Udta Punjab on Snapchat.



    Billu ****** 2009 = Udta ****** 2016 Nothing changes. #UdtaPunjab


    Since Udta Punjab can no longer have Punjab in it, let's help the censor board with new titles. My suggestion - Tenu kee, BC?


    Censor board decides that 'Udta Punjab' can't mention the name Punjab. Since the movie is about getting high, call it Udta Pahlaj maybe?


    Udta Punjab spoilers - the censor board.


    Remove Punjab from Udta Punjab. Yeah, then nobody will come to know which state is shown in the film. Genius!


    #UdtaPunjab does not "defame Punjab" is imbecile political censor board makes us a laughing stock of the world!

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