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    "The Times Of India" Wrote A Post Dissing Tanmay Bhat And He Trolled Them Back Perfectly

    AND he got them to give him YouTube hits.

    On May 20, comedian Tanmay Bhat went on a Snapchat rant about the meaning of feminism and how a lot of people have been misinterpreting it.

    Tanmay Bhat

    On May 22, The Times Of India published a blog post titled "Why Tanmay Bhat Got Feminism Wrong", countering his views on the subject.

    The comments on the post were divided, with no real consensus being reached.

    But perhaps the best comment came from Bhat himself, who posted a link to "The Times Of Boobs", the All India Bakchod sketch in which they mock TOI for their editorial policies.

    ICYMI, the 2014 video hilariously calls out Indian media for their blatant objectification of women.

    All India Bakchod

    TL;DR – Bhat got a bunch of hits on a video that dissed the TOI, from a TOI post that dissed him.

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