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    Twitter Launched A Poll Feature And Indian Users Have Already Mastered Using It For Nonsense

    This probably isn't what the developers were expecting.

    Twitter recently started rolling out a new feature that allows users to create polls that other people can vote on.

    Coming soon! We're rolling out the ability for everyone to create polls on Twitter:

    Everyone wants it, but only a few people have got the feature so far.

    But the small percentage of Indian users who got it early have already mastered the hell out of it.

    T 2036 - India v Saf ODI series 2-2 ! What will be result of 5th ?

    They're using it to find the answers to life's important questions.

    Good morning. What would you pour over your breakfast dosa?

    Questions that all the greatest minds on our planet have mulled over at some point.

    What should we eat for lunch? #TeamRajma #TeamMakhni

    A few users have used it to settle some very important debates.

    While some have been asking for opinions on more existential questions.

    And some have sought others' thoughts on current affairs.

    Of course, Indian Twitter means that the hard-hitting political questions can't be far behind.


    Do you think Narendra Modi is responsible for 2002 riots?

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