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    20 Mar 2017

    Twitter's Men Just Busted Dozens Of Stereotypes About India's Idea Of "Manliness"


    Earlier today, journalist Saheli Sen Gupta asked Indian men to talk about the things they do that society doesn't deem "manly".

    Good men of Twitter, what is that one thing YOU do, which is not considered manly by our social standards? RT for karma, and more happiness.

    Gupta posted the question after coming across a Reddit thread about the same topic.

    Her tweet prompted a whole host of replies that busted numerous stereotypes about India's idea of masculinity:

    Men opened up about how they cared for personal grooming...

    Doing household chores...

    Not being a dick...

    And a bunch of other things still considered effeminate by a vast majority of people.

    The thread has been made more relevant than ever thanks to TVF founder Arunabh Kumar's statements defending acts of alleged harassment citing his heterosexuality.

    Twitter: @afaqs

    Perhaps the biggest indictment of India's idea of manliness was how many men admitted that crying wasn't an alien emotion to them.

    And the toxicity of that stereotype was called out by multiple women following the replies.

    The thread has been appreciated by everyone who's seen it, with dozens of people encouraging the men who participated.

    Basically, this:

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