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    Ranveer Singh's Awkward Throwback Photo With Akshay Kumar Is The Best Advertisement For Puberty

    Talk about Longbottoming.

    So Ranveer Singh just tweeted this mad '90s throwback photo which has his adolescent self posing with Akshay Kumar.

    PRICELESS #Throwback !!! My Fanboy moment with the One & Only @akshaykumar ! 😇🙏 #9DaysToRustom (Watch this space!)

    Only a clairvoyant could've looked at the dorky boy in this awkward photo and predicted that he would become one of the country's most desirable men in a couple of decades.

    Time hasn't been too cruel to Akshay Kumar either tbh.

    For reference, this is what they look like these days.

    Good job, puberty. Good job.


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