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    16 WTF Things From Indipop Music Videos That'll Make You Say "Yeh Kya Tha?"

    The '90s and '00s were a weird time for Indian pop culture.

    1. Negar Khan feeling up her bum in "Chadti Jawani".

    2. Alisha Chinai ordering and rejecting sex slaves from around the world in "Made In India".

    Think about it, that's what that video was about.

    3. DJ Aqeel's unnecessarily homophobic lyrics in his "Main Hoon Don" remix.

    4. Some white dude's butt showing up in homes around India during our "Kaanta Laga" phase.

    5. These girls running what is basically a sex chat line in "Tu, Tu Hai Wohi".

    Literally where Drake stole "Hotline Bling" from.

    6. Ishq Bector's super weird relationship with his housekeeper in "Aye Hip Hopper".

    7. The questionable infatuation between student and teacher in "Pari Hoon Main".

    To this day, heated debates are still on about the real meaning behind the video.

    8. The bar in "Mere Naseeb Main".

    Like, what drinking place is so well-lit, bruv?

    9. The Bombay Vikings rhyming "sexy" with "galaxy".

    I still blame Neeraj Sridhar for my pronunciation of the word being "saaxy" to this day.

    10. Anupama Verma escaping a freezing snowstorm in "Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein" wearing a weather-inappropriate outfit... only to change into one that exposed her to the elements even more.

    11. "Sajna Hai Mujhe" basically ripping off the entire hook from Shaggy's "Hey Sexy Lady".

    Close runner-up – dat tramp stamp.

    12. Meghna Naidu appearing topless in "Kaliyon Ka Chaman".

    What a song, though.

    13. The unseemly work environment in Rakhi Sawant's corporate office in "Pardesia".

    14. Sonu Nigam playing a dank ghost in "Bijuria".


    15. Deepal Shaw's skimpy schoolgirl outfit in "Leke Pehla Pehla Pyar".

    And that lollipop... Creeeepy.

    16. And Ila Arun making inappropriate orgasm noises in literally *all* her songs:

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