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    This Woman Photoshops Indian Outfits On American Stars To Fight Fashion-Based Racism

    Here are Taylor, Beyoncé, Kim and more in all their desi finery.

    #TheTouchOfIndia is an illustrated series by Canada-based graphic designer Amoolia Sai, in which she photoshops western celebrities in Indian clothes.

    Sai decided to start the series when she saw a few Indian girls in Toronto making fun of a woman walking on the street in a salwar kameez.

    "As an Indian living abroad, I've come across a lot of people who put away their culture because they're ashamed to carry it," Sai told BuzzFeed.

    "Instead, they appreciate celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens or Kylie Jenner, who use symbols from other cultures such as the bindi to make a 'fashion statement'."

    "When these celebrities do it, it suddenly becomes "beautiful." Why isn't the woman who wears it with pride on the street appreciated," she added.

    "The idea of the series is to appreciate one's culture. It's to show that there is no shame in showing who you are."

    "And most importantly to tell the world that yes; appreciate other cultures, but never forget yours."

    You can follow Sai's work on Instagram.