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    This New Comic Book Series Is About A Turbaned Sikh Superhero

    I.T. employee by day, ass kicker by night... Say hello to the Elvis-loving Super Sikh!

    Meet Deep Singh. He's a Sikh, has a boring tech job and is a fan of The King.

    He also just happens to be a highly-skilled British Special Air Service agent.

    What do Eggsy, Batman, Star-Lord, and Iron Man all have in common? None of them are Sikh! :) Time for a #Supersikh!

    In addition to taking on bad guys from the Taliban, Super Sikh will also fight religious and racial stereotypes.

    The creators, Silicon Valley executive Supreet Singh Manchada and comic book writer Eileen Alden, have said that they wanted secret agent Deep Singh to be a natural modern Sikh person who uses great internal power of intuition, training, physical and mental strength.

    The Kickstarter Campaign to fund the series raised over $22,000, more than quadrupling the original goal.

    Super Sikh Comics / Via

    The first issue of Super Sikh is available for download on his website.

    Super Sikh loves Elvis, hates bad guys. Read his first adventure now, only at

    You can also keep a track of this badass secret agent on his Facebook page.