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    This "Item Number" Starring Children Is Tough To Watch, But You Should Do It Anyway

    Are you listening, Bollywood?

    Artist Ram Subramanian uploaded a video to his Facebook page that begins with a woman dressed in skimpy clothes, dancing to a typical Bollywood item number.

    Midway through the song, she is joined by a bunch of adolescent boys, cheering and hooting for her around the stage.

    The uncomfortable video is part of a petition to Censor Board Chairman Pahlaj Nihalani to re-grade item numbers.

    "The impact of such content that glorifies the objectification of women by degrading them through its lyrics and visuals, does not just lead to a more desensitised society, but also leaves a massive impact on young impressionable minds," the petition reads.

    And in case you were concerned, the kids were filmed separately for the video.

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