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    This Indian Dude Might Be The Most Outraged Man In The History Of Mankind

    We asked the internet to help us find Omnipresent Sikh Rage Guy and they delivered.

    Yesterday, we discovered a man who has been spotted at protest after protest for over a decade and we asked you, the internet, to help us track him down. Today, with your (and the BBC's) help, we know exactly who he is. Just keep reading.

    The man in the centre with the orange turban seems like a chill dude, right?


    Parminder Singh Pumma, the founder of the National Akali Dal party, is an angry, outraged, protesting machine.

    And raise a voice he has.

    From women's rights...

    To anti-terror marches...

    To just hating on Canada.

    He rages with swords.

    He rages with toy guns.

    He can even rage with a bunch of pots.

    You might be wondering if he's only ever been photographed screaming in outrage.

    @Sathnam @amanmadra I don't think his mouth can actually close

    Nope. Look how calm he is here... as he sets fire to a television.

    Amongst other things he is incensed by are terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim...

    Local politicians like Sheila Dixit and Varun Gandhi...

    Foreign politicians like Nicolas Sarkozy and Kevin Rudd...

    And, of course, MTV.

    The passion in this man is too damn high.

    He dropped out of school at the age of 14 and began protesting at 16.

    He has suffered heart problems and undergone stent surgery twice.

    "I am a very emotional person," he told BBC. "I cry on the smallest of issues concerning people."

    "I am a common man and I get angry when a common man suffers."

    Presenting Omnipresent Sikh Rage Guy.

    New hero, ladies and gents.

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