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This Desi Woman's Hilarious Presentation About Racism And Self-Hatred Has Gone Insanely Viral

When in doubt, turn to sarcasm.

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A few weeks ago, Rizvi gave another highly sarcastic presentation titled "Why I Hate Myself", on how she had grown in four years of high school. And like last time, screenshots from it have gone massively viral again.

Twitter: @pakistanyewest

In fact, her tweets from this presentation have amassed almost 40,000 RTs, more than double the last one.


"It feels good to know that at least I’m not a one-hit wonder. And honestly, I just think it’s hilarious that my legacy is going to be Microsoft PowerPoint presentations," Rizvi told BuzzFeed.

ok 1 serious part abt me talking abt overcoming my internalized racism and self hatred

Rizvi said that she's started getting recognised on Facebook groups while applying to colleges after her last set of viral tweets.

"I just hope future employers won’t recognise me because being bitter and hating yourself aren’t stellar work qualities."