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The Story Of This Elderly Couple Selling Food By A Roadside In Kolkata Has Touched Thousands

Right in the feels.

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On July 5, Ghosh wrote a Facebook post about how financial setbacks had forced the couple into running a stall at their age, and urged readers in Kolkata to buy meals from them whenever they could.

Facebook: amit.101.kundu

"I wanted more people to have their meals with them, because they are not doing as well as the other stalls in the area," Ghosh added.

"I only tagged 39 of my office colleagues, because I thought it's better for them to have 40 customers instead of 20. I never expected it to go so viral."

Facebook: amit.101.kundu

The post has over 16,000 shares just a week, with a countless Kolkatans mentioning that they would be visiting the stall soon.