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The Internet Is Trying To Ruin This Guy's Heartwarming Encounter With An Uber Driver

No, internet. Bad. Stahp.

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On July 1, 31-year-old Shrikant Singh, a senior manager with Amazon India, took an Uber from work and struck up a conversation with his driver.

Shrikant Singh

It turned out that Singh's driver, Anand, was actually an IIT grad and the owner of 50 cars plying with Uber. What followed was an amazing revelation about why he was still driving people around.

This is what Anand told Singh:

"Ohh this car met with an accident a few days back and my Uber driver died. His family is too proud to take money, so I figured the only way I can help is to drive the car on his behalf and let the income from Uber keep flowing. And I feel happy doing this."

Singh's note about the encounter has gone massively viral, being shared over 9,000 times in just two days.

However, with the internet being as cynical as it is, a lot of people started questioning why the driver had taken such a long route to get to the destination.

Others were hell bent on finding other holes in the story.

Singh has been trying to assure commenters that he wasn't being fleeced, and other passengers who have travelled with Anand have stepped forward to vouch for him.

When asked about the route, Singh told BuzzFeed, "It's a personal reason and I would like to keep it that."

Don't ruin a good thing, internet. Come on.