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The Cop In Shobhaa De's Fat-Shaming Meme Has Undergone Weight Loss Surgery After Going Viral

"A wrong tweet has changed my life."

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The cop in the picture is actually Daulat Ram Jogawat from Madhya Pradesh, and his image has been floating around on the internet as a meme for years.

Jogawat has been a policeman for over 37 years, and had many colleagues and superiors vouch for his efficiency after De's tweet went viral.

On seeing the ridicule Jogawat was subjected to after the incident, Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala of Mumbai's Saifee Hospital offered to help him by performing a gastric bypass surgery.

Twitter: @timesofindia

After a series of tests over the past week, the surgery was performed on March 2. Jogawat, who weighed 180 kg prior to the operation, is expected to lose over 80 kg over the next year.