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This Restaurant Has Been Selling Sandwiches Named After Alleged Rapists And Violent Men

Its tagline is: "If she won't make you a sandwich, we will!"

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A lot of people have been calling out the owners on Twitter and on the restaurant's Facebook page for its sexist and misogynistic themes.

Hope this pathetic excuse of a business going by the name of Table No.5 gets boycotted and is forced to shut down ASAP. #Islamabad


On 4 November, the restaurant issued this clarification.

Facebook: tableno.5

"We don't have anything against the ladies; in fact we're grateful to them. It's because they stopped making sandwiches that we got the opportunity to open up a sandwich joint in town. So thanks ladies," they said.

Their clarification caused even more outrage and on 11 November, the restaurant finally issued an apology and decided to change its menu.

Facebook: tableno.5